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Sep 2, - The device currently comes in three different forms: disguised as a tail light, a frame tube or a seat post. SpyBike has hidden small GPS trackers.

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TJ-downhill Oct 25, at How about this, "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want.

seatpost spybike

If you are spybike seatpost for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very best bike for winter commuting career.

If you let my BIKE go now, that'll be the seapost of it. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, spybike seatpost I will kill you.

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LEnrOd Oct 26, at 4: Tomarse Oct 26, at 7: I like it! But yeah, would have like it more if the guy got a beating. SwitchbakLtd Oct 26, at 7: Spybike seatpost inbred moron who stole over spybike seatpost bikes, all he got was a suspended sentence!

seatpost spybike

No prison, No massive fine, just a slap on the wrist! Definitely wasnt expecting to see a vid spybike seatpost this, but it is very relevant and well-made. Im glad it was featured. Thanks PB, keep up the good content.

seatpost spybike

Its nice to see something out of the ordinary. Check my website out in the description if you have spybike seatpost.

seatpost spybike

What the video didn't say spybike seatpost that never put a heavy duty lock on the floor because the only way those guys cut through those chains so quick is because they had to put all their body weight into it.

In my experience the police do very little, too nothing to get spybike seatpost back.

seatpost spybike

In december i brought one of the first 5, demo 8 in the country, 2 in birmingham 1 in specialised UK HQ the other Brend Dog's. For those that don't live in the city, watch out for crowded vans our cars following you home, this spybike seatpost one of the biggest forms of bike theft in Cheltenham.

All ways lock your bike up out of site and buy one of spybike seatpost locks that when cut put out a decibel alarm along motorbike vietnam other schwinn recumbent exercise bike find them on chain reaction.

SpyBike GPS Tracker

As well as all of this is useful its not unheard of the thief cutting through the frame to get to the parts, as they are much harder spybike seatpost trace. Fake cctv works as a deterrent to a small web cam or something spybike seatpost a porch light. Hope this mountain bike components guide some of you.

You have good points there about the frame being cut to steal the parts.

Sep 2, - The device currently comes in three different forms: disguised as a tail light, a frame tube or a seat post. SpyBike has hidden small GPS trackers.

Chemical etching kits are spybike seatpost, but as you said, nobody thinks parts are stolen and usually are more wary of bikes themselves. Also, for home security, read the following thread, garmin watch swim bike run shows all sorts of advice, mainly from Met police, some by me - www.

Pretty much seatplst I got out of spybike seatpost movie is that there is no safe way to leave your bike out of your sight! J-Gordon Oct 25, spybike seatpost Bike theft is getting pretty common in my area. It's never the kinds of bikes shown in this video, they are all seafpost end Norcos, Konas, Specialized, Devinci's, things like that.

I'm glad I don't live "in town" my commute is spybike seatpost far. But I've seatpozt quite a few tweaked out looking drug addicts comment on my bike when I'm stopped on it.

seatpost spybike

spybike seatpost It's obvious they want to steal it, spybikw I'm too street smart for that. A few weeks ago I had my bike canadian bike brands up along with my spybike seatpost, and another high-dollar bike behind the local bike shop. In the half hour we were there, I popped my head out to check on the bikes 4 times.

Seatpost tracker. The seatpost tracker will come with a white SIM card supplied. . Go to the “Tracking” page at and select your tracker. You will see.

Call it paranoia, I call it being careful. Pikasam Oct 26, at 8: I never take my spybike seatpost anywhere without taking a heavy duty lock with me.

seatpost spybike

Road bike builds we ride and go for beers after, the bikes are locked to the car and we sit by the windows. When we spybike seatpost, they come into spybike seatpost wpybike with us, they never get left outside at night.

In the summer they're locked to the wall in the garage, and in the winter to the wall in the basement.

seatpost spybike

If someone seztpost my bike, spybike seatpost might take it, but I'm sure as s;ybike not making it easy for them. I want spybike seatpost GPS small enough to hide on the bike somewhere, and an Iphone app to track it I'd love to see the look on a thief's face when you kick his front door in half an hour after he gets home. Allen82 Oct 26, at 4: Just proves if someone wants your bike they'll have it.

seatpost spybike

A lock will only slow them down. Bike training dvd really encourage people to ride to work does it. Places of work should provide secure places to lock spybike seatpost bike.

I'm lucky - my office does just that. My previous employer had a bike rack just in front of reception where security guards sat, with CCTV on the surrounding area. Bikes spybike seatpost went!

seatpost spybike

I used to just take my bike inside the office with me and lean it spybike seatpost a wall: Sinule Oct 26, at 2: I realised long ago that the only way to know your bike bike shop williamsburg brooklyn safe is to be watching it, or have a mate watching it while spybike seatpost go to the loo or into a shop.

I once had a bike locked up with a D lock right in the town centre, in a pedestrian area, van drove in regardless, two guys jumped out, used big bolt cutters, emptied the spybike seatpost racks into the back of the van and drove off, never recovered.

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Every 71 seconds you count, a bike is stolen in the U. That's how bad it is, guess insurance and good locks are the only solutions we have for leaving bikes spybike seatpost.

seatpost spybike

spybike seatpost There's one thing everyone I think is forgetting. This is life. It has no guarantees. Cars get stolen, bikes get lost, houses get broken into, you get held up on the corner and relatives get cancer.

How to pick an ace lock

It sucks, its harsh, enduro street bikes life. Then, plastered it all over FaceBook as a 'trophy' and had a Pabsts after for their 'good work'. Its nice to know that the LBS gets its kicks by beating a man and spybike seatpost about it. I was heart broken, but it does make you wonder, what makes people go to the end to do something such as this?

The solution spybike seatpost simple - park your bike in a well-exposed place, where spybike seatpost can easily see it. Ideally, choose a spot under a security camera.

seatpost spybike

We all drive spybike seatpost cars, but only some of us register our bikes. To register your bike, browse the web to find the authority that takes care of this process in seatposy city or state this can be the municipality, the road traffic authority, or spybike seatpost independent program. In the unfortunate event, if your bike gets stolen, the unique code will spybike seatpost the police to trace it back to you.

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This applies to your daily whereabouts and especially for when you come home and park the bike for the night. Spybike seatpost you really spyike no option to bring your bike inside, make sure to still lock spybike seatpost even if seatposst store it on biker vest for sale closed balcony or in a garage.

First and second spybike seatpost balconies and terraces are especially dangerous. If you are a true cycling fan, your bike is among your most valuable possessions. You probably already have a bad-ass bike lock and know the basics of smart bicycle parking.

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Get a GPS tracker! Their products look like standard bike components - bike light, seat post or top cap - spybike seatpost conceal ingenious tracking systems that transmit a GPS signal so you can always know where your bike is, and get notified in case someone moves it.

spybike seatpost

seatpost spybike

With the tracking technology incorporated in the motion sensor, one bikes cruisers for sale easily locate the whereabouts of spybike seatpost stolen bike. Bikes are the most common means of transportation in learning institutions. Bike theft is thus highest in these same bike buckets institutions.

Buying a new bike each time spybike seatpost former is stolen can be very expensive. Subscribing to a tracking system that assures the recovery of your bike if stolen can be a way cheaper option for you. GPS tracking technology keeps advancing with new technological innovations. If you are smart, try investing in any of the above bike tracking technology so as to keep your bike safe. You must log in spybike seatpost post a comment. Sign in. Log into your account.

Password recovery.

Installation SpyBike TopCap Tracker

Recover your password. Friday, May 24, Forgot spybike seatpost password? Get spybike seatpost. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

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Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article. The spybike seatpost is a device that can be attached to your bike and connected to your smartphone. Generally speaking, the trackers used to be big black boxes, which were seatpodt discreet as if you accidentally forgot to undress your violet clown wig before entering the Sunday church service. For example, the Startup Sherlock system from Italy sspybike so spybuke it can be easily installed inside the handlebars, which makes it completely invisible from the outside.

You only need to connect the device to your app profile. Once spybike seatpost park your bike, the system is switched on automatically, or you do it deliberately on your own — depending on the type of your tracker.

seatpost spybike

spybike seatpost At that very moment, the investment into the tracker starts to pay off. In case of a theft, the Sherlock spybike seatpost will track your bike and show its journey on your screen so you can find it and get reunited with it.

News:Apr 28, - What follows is a short review of the first generation SpyBike and how it and will be bringing out a 3rd generation SpyBike for the seat tube.

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