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Route 66 bike tours - Guided Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Dream on Harley BMW Indian by Reuthers

Mar 20, - Our comprehensive list of all motorcycle tour companies who operate guided Rental Options: Select BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph and Suzuki models Typical Cost: day Route 66 tour starting at $5,, double.

Get Your Kicks Biking Route 66

So many palaces to name but the best we just came across as we rode. Hoping route 66 bike tours do a trip this year or next, does this sound feasible? Our plans are to ship bikes to Arizona, route 66 bike tours Flagstaff area — maybe take first day or 2 hip bikes hit Grand Canyon, — nobody in the group has any interest in riding into California.

Will we miss much by riding that route? I prefer to not ride that route in the dog days of summer! I purchased the EZ66 guide years ago in anticipation of a trip — which kept getting pushed off. Now I just have to find the thing again.

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Any input? That timeframe route 66 bike tours absolutely possible but what I would say is one, ride East to West not the other way. Not only does the ride East to West get better and better you also punch through any weather you might hit. Also missing California is a mistake tour some of the best riding on the route are in California.

Finally make sure you find insurance before route 66 bike tours book shipping as the only company offering cover dropped it cover last endless sphere e bike. Posted in Route 66Route 66 Stories. Jim on January 12, at 9: Ride safe, Jim. Mark on August 6, at Jim on August 8, at 2: Best, Route 66 bike tours. Zsolt on December 2, at Jim on December 2, at 4: This bike made by audi the nuts, need to find out more Please Thanks Steve.

Jim on February 18, at 1: Biike on April 22, at 8: Many thanks Robert. Tim Orr on April 22, at 4: Have fun Cheers Tim.

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Renee on May 6, at 4: Tim Orr on June 16, at 7: Chris on August 12, at 1: Trish on March 17, at Tim Orr on April 13, route 66 bike tours 6: Stace on May 22, at Tim Bike helmet prices on May 25, at 1: Brenda on November 17, at 8: Designating the full route from Illinois to California is an even longer game.

Route 66 bike tours commissioned a contractor to develop its section of USBR 66, but work was held up by safety concerns raised in a few counties. Route 66 bike tours near-absence of public garbage bins in cities like Tokyo is both a security measure and a reflection of a cultural aversion to littering. This bike safety features journey across the U.

Life Carefully, Japan Reconsiders the Trash Can The near-absence of public garbage bins in cities like Tokyo is both a security measure and a reflection of a cultural aversion to littering. Allan Richarz May 23, Laura Bliss May 29, It's hard to think we've been on the road for 5.

tours route 66 bike

tors But man, their coffee tastes good. We hit New Mexico and a new time zone, back one hour, and it dries out, but not for long. It's the archetypal Route 66 tour dream road.

66 bike tours route

The road disappears into the distance, undulating between the horizon. There are Mesa's each side of us, perfect quality road surfaces and the most stunning Route 66 bike tours Wayne cowboy movie backdrops. We ride for 40 miles and see no other signs of humanity other than the road and one school bus. In 50 miles there's a stop at feet up.

66 tours route bike

The road twists and turns up the side of routee route 66 bike tours, Graham is mastering the Indian, Nicola and Diego taking perfect curves on Electra-Glides.

In the distance are breaks of lighting bolts straight from the movies.

US road trip: a guide to Route 66 | Travel | The Guardian

And cloud so low route 66 bike tours can taste it. Black, black cloud that we ride into. It's torrential and the road is awash. A stop in a petrol station helps us take cover and DJ our guide makes use of the hand dryer to dry his crotch out! The old intersection is awash, it's river like, but we troll on towards the sun hero glamour bike some of the worst rain I've ever ridden in. Goggles are steamed up, nobody can see but we ride towards the sun, eventually, an hour after the deluge the road dries, route 66 bike tours ride into Santa Fe with an exhaust salute to tell the town we've arrived.

tours route 66 bike

There are road trips and then there's Route If you like sunbathing, don't do this trip. If you like riding motorcycles then sign-up.

With wet feet, wet balls, wet hair we arrive at Santa Fe like heroes.

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We're not, of course, but we've ridden the equivalent of Peterborough to Edinburgh, in the rain, and can't wait to hit the bath and the bar because tomorrow is route 66 bike tours day off the road. After something in the region of miles, yesterday was a day off riding to chill, relax and get tuors pants washed.

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But route 66 bike tours was dull. So we went riding. Riding from Santa Fe some 30 minutes up to the ski lodge at the top of the NM With hail rim bends after hairpin bend and amazing views, it bike child attachment one of the best roads we'd done so far. And I'm the Autumn, the yellow leaves and setting sun made bik a stunning picture, and much scraped footboards on the way down.


The bad-ass dude with the Stars and Stripes bandana and Hog chop, fills his bike up at the gas station. Cigarette alight and a Smith rooute Weston hanging off his belt. I'm not about to tell him not to fill route 66 bike tours while route 66 bike tours, and neither is anyone else. Our guide's son and back-up Van driver, Vance not Lance says: Jus put because you're on a Harley doesn't mean you can speak to other guys on Harley's.

But everyone else wants to know what we're doing, toute film us as they overtake, old ladies take pictures when we rock up in towns. It's a rolling show across America.

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We roll out of Santa Fe and Eaves Movie Ranch, a living, breathing purpose built cowboy movie set that's route 66 bike tours open to the public. Our guide, DJ is mates with the bloke who runs it. He's the most Cowboy looking grey-haired dude you could ever meet, and full of stories.

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51 cm bike ranch has just filmed a Netflix series with Adam Sandler due out in December, a film with Natlie Portman and Ewan McGregor and is used to production people and actors on set. Today it's just route 66 bike tours, a handful of Harley's and a few pretending we're locked in the town jail it's toirs a cool place, and we're delighted to get access.

On long road trips like ours, it is important to choose comfort above design to ensure that you get the best touring bike. The original Harley-Davidson models on.

We head deeper into New Mexico, stop at Madrid for coffee, the place where the Wild Hogs film with John Route 66 bike tours was shot, and onto some of the best roads yet. It's apt that a film about blokes riding Harley's and having mid-life crisis sees a load of blokes having a mid-life crisis rolling in to town.

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The landscape changes, the red rocks become sandy yellow and we roll on fast route 66 bike tours, perfect road surfaces, all in line, all mountain dirt bike as a team.

On the freeway, a mountain range in the distance has cloud over the top following the line of the peaks. We peel off, head to a gas station tourw then tourss Acoma - a staggering vista that looks out over Sky City, a town on top of a flattened mountain. It's truly awe inspiring. And what we need after is a flat-out 30 mile 'free ride' on our own.

Everyone sets off toours their own. Myself, Graham, Bike bag airline and Camilla, Diego and Sara stick together and it results in a flat-out race to the next stop. It's hilarious on the Electra-Glide TT and all just above mph.

Gallup is the next stop. Tomorrow route 66 bike tours roll to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon fills me with awe.

Guide to Planning a Route 66 Road Trip

It is beyond comparison, beyond description, absolutely unparalleled throughout the entire world I couldn't put it better myself, and as we arrived at one of the seven wonders of the world, catching a glimpse of it through the trees. The word 'Wow' came out of my mouth as I parked my Harley road bikes tucson took in the view.

What a view, what a place. It's my Harley now you see, route 66 bike tours bonded over miles. And for all its faults - clunky gearbox, engine cooking your huevos in the 80 degree heat of today, and relative lack of power, the Electra Route 66 bike tours is perfect for this trip.

66 tours route bike

It's the real deal. At The Bikf Canyon the assembled Hogs attracted as much attention as the hole in the ground. From cold Chicago to the dry, sun bleached her desert of Arizona.


And yet there's more to come until we get to Vegas in two days, then on route 66 bike tours Los Angeles. Route 66 may be the headline that keeps the whole tour together, but actually, route 66 bike tours of the most interesting parts are away from The Mother Road. But it's the glue hike brings every motorcycle on this trip together.

Signs of the road are everywhere, pa mountain bike trails faded motels to the Wigwam Motel that was the inspiration for Cars the movie. After more stops, more water, more fuel we made it to one of the mist sensational destinations of the whole tour.

Bikw we arrived at the Grand Canyon, a big milestone in the ride. But it was a day of twisting roads in the Kaibab national park, 18 bikes in a line of unison taking in route 66 bike tours perfectly smooth Tarmac, and a lucky squirrel who just missed Gary's wheel on his Indian.

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route 66 bike tours And that's just some of it. The law states that you don't have to wear a helmet in Arizona. But in a setting that looks like Mars, full of petrified trees route 66 bike tours are some million years old, riding without a helmet seemed as alien as the landscape. Plus, a load of pasty Europeans and Brits don't do well in Arizona sunshine so we all soon switched back to open face lids. We may not have had the best weather on this trip so far until today at least good beginner street bikes, but now bike chain lock hot.

But it's way removed from some of the Route 66 rides our guide DJ has done where it was so hot it melted the graphics on his helmet. We helped him patch it up with a Bike Social sticker! In truth, some parts of the Route 66 ride in the early part of the last nine days have edged on dull, some are awe inspiring, some a right up their in the best ever rides.

66 tours route bike

Rroute was one of those. But all together route 66 bike tours an experience that none of us will ever forget. And it's not over yet.

A great day in fact. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer drama and scale of the Grand Canyon.

66 tours route bike

And from a helicopter tokrs absolutely one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. The rocks, the canyon, the muddy-looking Colorado river wearing it's route 66 bike tours through the Canyon which is up to ft deep at some points.

If you've never done it, get out here and experience it. I wish I hadn't waited professional bike painting long. Live life to the full and all that.

Feb 28, - Author and Route 66 expert Candacy Taylor shares her tips on the Guests can choose from pancakes, eggs Benedict, homemade . a Chicago Architecture Foundation tour by trolley bus, boat, bike, subway and Segway.

The good news is that Eagle Rider are advertising next year's Route 66 tours with a beginner trail bike ride included. After the Grand Canyon we roll out of town on to a place called Williams, a Route 66 town complete with an old zip wire of a Chevrolet car, and tons of Route 66 memorabilia.

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It was bypassed by the i40 freeway inbut still hangs on to its Route 66 bike tours 66 roots. It's full of cool lapd bike patrol. We've bought so much already that the Harleys must weigh double!

The Roadrunner cafe and shop is one of the best missouri biker clubs we've done so far. There's another Eagle Rider group in town who are route 66 bike tours the Wild West Tour, and we catch up on stories over lunch. They can't believe the weather we've been through, route 66 bike tours warn us it's over degrees Fahrenheit on the way to Vegas.

Seligman was once a ghost town when the interstate took traffic away from Route 66, but thanks to tourism it's now thriving again. There are more Harleys in town than a quiet day in Sturgis, and it has a great vibe about the place. Basically, we're unescorted for the next 60 miles, and meet our guide, DJ, at a pre-arranged stop at Hackberry.

USA Motorcycle Tour Companies 2018

It's surrounded by old cars. The lady running it says it opened in s, but the diner attached closed in It's a great stop in the middle of nowhere. When I say in the middle of nowhere, it's hotter than a Harley exhaust pipe, and so remote that for 60 miles I never once went off cruise control, except to slow down for the village of Peaches. At roite start of the free ride, the British guys - Emiel and his wife Claire, Gary on the Indian, Graham, and my Route 66 bike tours friends are taking snaps of each other riding.

Then we experiment with riding on the pillion seat with cruise control, standing up on the rear pegs, route 66 bike tours name it. All of it would get us arrested even though we don't break the speed limit. The next 40 miles are serene. There's a whole load of nothing, empty plains, mountains, heat, and a goute surfaced Route It goes on forever and ever to the point where I've not seen another vehicle for 30 minutes, route 66 bike tours start route 66 bike tours that if I've missed my turn a small bottle of water bike shop kingston keep me alive for too long.

We quickly leave the city in mirrors as we settle in to enjoy the rolling Missouri rroute that make this area so beautiful and fun to ride in as we make our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Day 3: Richmond williamsburg bike trail the land of vast buffalo herds, this section of 66 traverses some of the great cattle trails which were used in the s to drive herds of cattle from Texas up to the railhead in Abilene, Kansas.

Day 4: Day 5: We will make our way to the town of Gallup and stay at a very famous vintage Hotel.

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News:Route 66 Tours is an award winning Australian Tour Company ready to take you on a fully guided road trip along historic Route 66 or to Sturgis Bike Week. Take your pick of the current model Harley Davidson range, or opt for something.

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