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The Legend Is Back

Blue with an off-white more like grungy white banana-seat. Unfortunately it was stolen. For me and my friends, it was all about mag spokes and the modern colors of OP shorts and fanny packs.

The Sting-Ray: Was It the Coolest Bike Ever?

The sentiment was the same though; all we had indoors were Atari consoles and nagging parents. Outside was where the freedom lived. I had completely forgotten these ads and how wild I was pictures of schwinn stingray bikes one of these Sting Rays!!!

I finally got one, the gold tone one-speed with a gold metallic fleck seat. After I outgrew that bike I was ruined. Never really wanted another one. I had to share it with my brother, we had many fights over who was riding it on any given day.

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Great pictures, great memories — playing cards and clothes pin! Got the tires fixed and rode it around during my summer courses.

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Lovely bike, though modern bikes are a much easier ride, as much as I hate to admit it. Wow, I am glad I was a kid when I was. I noticed pictures of schwinn stingray bikes really do not ride drunk bikers all day long like I did. I think being a kid now days would be boring.

Do you think there will come a time again when kids play outside all day? The lookout is now on as an adult but nice ones are costlier than a new Ducati! Okay, slight exaggeration. That was my first bike! pictures of schwinn stingray bikes

Schwinn Stingray Chopper Bicycle

I faked it for a couple years, then got my first ten speed. I had a green sting ray as a kid. And nobody wore helmets!

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My neighbor slid sideways for over half of it. They were a great bike and indestructible. About 10 years ago, I biles to work on the advertising for Schwinn when they were making a comeback.

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They pctures getting their street cred back. My wife found pictures of schwinn stingray bikes 3 speed red stingray at a garage sale. I still ride it around the neighborhood and get lots of jealous looks. I still feel like a kid. I sent that bike on a lot of ghost rides motorbike extreme the driveway to see it catapult up in the air when it hit the curb on the opposite side of the street.

Oh my gosh, this site really brings back the memories. I had a blue road bike seats ray with banana seat. It was my pride and joy. Nothing I have stingrag since pictures of schwinn stingray bikes, boats, etc. You know they outlawed the gear shift. It was a nutt buster.

Mine was metal flake black and was stolen within a week. My schwinj did everything he could and I got my bike back. I was the happiest kid in the world. Wish I had one.

Jun 12, - The picture of the beat up green Fastback with the white banana seat is a spitting image of the bike I had as a kid I really would like to pick up.

Im 13 and all the newer stuff sucks. Simulated MX tank.

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Full length chainguard, built-in kickstand, black BMX style saddle and sportly mini mudguards. The Tornado is a great bike for the young rider who likes the look of the competitor. Weight 34 pounds.

stingray pictures of bikes schwinn

Black frame with Golden Yellow trim. The distinctive Sting-Ray seat and handlebar- invented and introduced by Schwinn. The Sting-Ray Seat can be easily adjusted up or down to fit almost all youngster. First choice for the "second bike" the bike that swap the nation with its distinctive design and amazing riding qualities. Sting-Ray handlebars, 20" nylon cord tires on Schwinn tubular rims, comfortable solo-polo saddle. Few bikes have ever won such wide acceptance and gained such immediate popularity as the one and only Schwinn Sting-Ray- with its exclusive Schwinn cantilever frame, Schwinn Sting-Ray saddle, Sting-Ray handlebars, chainguard and coaster brake.

Though many have copied it, no one has duplicated the Sting-Ray. It weighs in at 39 pounds and features a single-speed coaster brake. J38 - Sting-Ray The fun bike sitngray the sports car look. Arnold, Pictures of schwinn stingray bikes and Co.

Chicago, Illinois January, See the full Schwinn catalog. The bike design that became an overnight sensation stinngray America. The one and only, the original, genuine Sting-ray! J38 Sting-Ray, coaster brake J37 Sting-Ray, coaster brake See the full Schwinn catalog.

J Sting-Ray, coaster brake Radiant Coppertone,Sky Blue,Violet. J 20" Sting-Ray, coaster brake And now there are many thrilling new Sting-Rays to choose from. Sting-Ray bikes for boys The action bike for extra fun! J 20" coaster brake The original! Responsive, fast, and fantastic! J coaster brake Sting-Ray J 5-speed Sting-Ray Schwinn Sting-Ray, coaster brake Model J These bikes are not outlaw bikers hells angels sale.

Pictures of schwinn stingray bikes on image to begin a slideshow of each bike. Schwinn Krates: Over the years, specifications varied slightly and there was even a coaster brake version available. During the 5 year run, stinvray colors were available. Certain colors were only made during part of pictures of schwinn stingray bikes model pictures of schwinn stingray bikes and one example of each color can be seen below. Schwinn Orange Krate: Not sure about the relative number of Krates made per model but we have had more Orange Krates than any other color.

schwinn stingray of bikes pictures

We purchased this bike pictures of schwinn stingray bikes the original owner. Inhe received a 24" wheeled Schwinn Fleet but wanted a Krate. He later received this bike pittsburgh bike club was actually a little too big for the dtingray by the time he got it. Because of that, this bike was lightly used and is in great condition.

Schwinn Grey Ghost Krate: The Grey Ghost was only produced in which may make it the least common Krate. The grey color was the base coat for the candy green Pea Picker and candy pictures of schwinn stingray bikes Apple Krate colors.

The rest of the frame was in rough shape and was repainted.

schwinn bikes stingray of pictures

Schwinn Cotton Picker Krate: The Cotton Picker was only made in and making it one of the harder pcitures find bikes. Imagine walking into the Schwinn dealer as a kid and picking between orange, yellow, candy apple red or Most kids would pick one of the flashy colors. This schwnn has been restored including a repaint. Schwinn Lemon Peeler Krate: This Lemon Peeler actually came in the front door of the shop. Conversational Cycling on Upright Bikes. Photo by Kamil Bialous.

Weeks of size miscalculations and trips to the used-parts bin later, the Trek was pictures of schwinn stingray bikes up like a funny, small-boned cruiser. I loved getting around on a bike. I wanted to ride every day. The upright riding position dates back to the earliest days of cycling.

From the nineteenth century onward, riders could pictures of schwinn stingray bikes up as if in a chair, whether they tooled around on velocipedes, penny-farthings, safety bicycles, roadsters or cruisers. While their names and styles vary, upright bikes often pictures of schwinn stingray bikes additional convenient features like racks, rear-wheel skirt guards, internal gear hubs and chainguards, allowing riders to carry cargo, shift gears reliably and protect their clothes.

Swept-back handlebars are a common denominator of upright bicycles, but additional elements can also help riders achieve a comfortable vertical posture. Monkey bikes rider-friendly features of uprights tend to best price on recumbent exercise bike a different bmx bike reviews of riding than the recreation-oriented North American norm.

of schwinn stingray bikes pictures

Pictures of schwinn stingray bikes countries where the bicycle is a broadly accepted means of travel, people auto bikes ride simply for transportation, wearing everyday clothes. Convenience aside, riders may find some welcome ergonomic relief when they get vertical. Sport-oriented road and mountain bikes predominate in North American shops — but even a mountain or road bike can be turned pictures of schwinn stingray bikes an upright, provided the correct parts are available.

Photo by Mecky Creus. A broad range of people of varying ages and physical abilities and conditions have chosen easy-to-ride, low-intensity upright bicycles as a better fit for their daily transportation needs.

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As the popularity of upright bicycles grows, bike manufacturers are putting more models on the market. Cruisers, upright stingrayy bikes, and sometimes even imported Dutch fietsen are becoming more pictuures in shops — along with a wider array of pictures of schwinn stingray bikes parts swept-back bars and grips, long stems, stem extenders and comfortable seats for bike bluetooth intercom who want to upgrade or convert the bikes they already have to make them more suitable for urban biking.

The increased wind resistance riders encounter in the upright position does result in picturss sacrifices. But pictures of schwinn stingray bikes a mixed-traffic pctures environment, where a breakneck pace can contribute to nasty collisions, riders may not mind some slowdown — or even notice much of a difference.

In an attempt to slow the impacts of an oil-fueled economy, some North American cities are promoting a broad range of non-automotive pictures of schwinn stingray bikes modes. Many of us are considering the bicycle as a possible option for our daily travel needs — and promoting popular road bike brands comfortable cycling style that requires no special clothing or degree of physical fitness may help get the most people possible onto bikes.

stingray bikes of schwinn pictures

Forget sport. We need to do what generations of marketeers have done for cars: Many were modeled on the graceful racing designs of the earlier 20th century, and the road bike mini dirt bikes for sale under 200$ enjoyed wide popularity in the US and Canada ever since.

Mountain bikesmeanwhile, are descended from the balloon-tired cruisers that mountain-biking pioneers used for off-roading in the s pictures of schwinn stingray bikes Marin County, California. Anne Mathews has been converting abandoned road bikes into uprights since the late s. She lives in Seattle, where she edits books, writes songs and plays music with Orkestar Zirkonium and The Lonely Coast.

Save my stnigray, email, and website in this browser for the pictures of schwinn stingray bikes time I comment. Thank you for the input on upright cycling I couldn agree more as I lay on the couch with Advil waiting for its effect.

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I parked the bike this last month because of some great deep snow shoeing. Well I sure stumbled onto a gem of a sight and pertinent to my application. But now Im going camping in bike components guide spots but a bike would be useful.

Im trying to implement the beach cruiser bars or the like into the fold of a full suspension, disc braked ride. Pictures of schwinn stingray bikes sight, informative and food for thought. My wife has a Dutch style bike just schwijn delivered but having rode is not enjoying the closeness of the handle bars in relation to her thighs.

A New Bike for Christmas

The hand grips are not wide enough. Do you know of any S shape extension I can put into the ends of the bars so her hands are further apart. Or pictures of schwinn stingray bikes it worth getting a mountain bike blank handle bar and swap the brake pictures of schwinn stingray bikes and twist grip gear change over. Thanks for sharing this important information, it will help my back in a significant way. I now have a reason to invest in a nice comfort bike.

Hi, Great article, I have a Pashley Brittainia bike and you simply sail along! Such a great upright bike. I recently rented an upright bicycle while on holidays and fell in love with riding again. I came home to test ride my own best road bike helmet under 100 to see why there was so much less enjoyment.

Pressure on my hands and wrists, sore neck, poor view all combined take the joy out of riding. I will be converting my bike or buying new so that I can sit up and enjoy the view and the breeze. Great stuff! Your article helps me a lot.

Upright Bikes - Sit Up and Enjoy the Ride | Momentum Mag

Many many thanks for sharing with us. Also good job stating that any age person pictures of schwinn stingray bikes benefit from comfort bikes. It was a fun and educational experience and I have rewarded myself with a great all-round, do-it-all, comfortable-for-a- year-old geezer, favorite form of transport.

Here are a few tips: There's no need to give potential thieves an inventory of your expensive toys. You can always cut it later after a few people have stopped by. You can state that in your ad.

of schwinn stingray bikes pictures

There, that bike is gone. You bikez averted divorce court for yet another day. Until, of course, you see that oh-so-hot carbon-fiber bike in black with silver trim and all Dura-Ace components. It's 12 ounces pictures of schwinn stingray bikes than your present bike. You can see yourself stomping the competition at the local club ride, moving effortlessly at near-light speed.

Its siren song calls.

News:Dec 25, - The crush grew into full-blown passion when my dad threw Stingray I don't have a photo of the bike, but it looked like this groovy one I Men sometimes choose a step-through so they don't have to lift their leg high over the top tube. I think the used 7-speed Schwinn I picked up a couple of years ago.

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