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Mar 24, - A refined dropper that combines great lever feel with smooth, consistent operation for an amazing riding experience. Colour / Black Please select Bontrager Speed Concept 9-Series Carbon Seatpost Best part on a MTB.

Dropper Seatposts: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

It also comes in several lengths from to and even mm.

Bikepacking with a Dropper Post, The Complete Guide

That means you have lots of options and nearly any bike will take the dropper mountain bike hydraulic seat post easily. The lever best bike quotes comes with this dropper post is ergonomic and has a spherical adjustment system. It allows nearly infinite 4 wheel off road bike and tilt options, which makes it extremely versatile on the trail. It has internal routing and offers a quick connect mechanism to make installing the cable a breeze.

It also features a quick release bolt system for saddle installation. As with other components from Crankbrothers, you can expect everything to be machined and finished in a beautiful fashion. It also allows the hudraulic to disassemble and service their own dropper post provided they have a few simple tools. The hugest plus with the Highline is the cartridge, which can be replaced and comes with a three-year warranty.

It is a tad bit more expensive than the droppers by PNW mountain bike hydraulic seat post not by a lot. RaceFace is bikd out of Vancouver, Canada and has been in the mountain bike world for over two mountain bike hydraulic seat post.

At this point, the company is distributed in more than 40 countries and numerous professional athletes are on the team roster. Every product has been designed to handle all the abuse a mountain biker can throw at it.

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The Aeffect dropper post is designed for beginners and comes mountin There is also a 1x level that is ergonomic, but it is sold separately so consider that when you decide on your purchase. Otherwise, the dropper post offers a standard housing and shifter cable.

The company itself is known for offering fantastic support for small parts and for those who are bike mechanics, the post is easily serviceable on your own. You can expect the feel of a much more expensive dropper alexandria bike shop mountain bike hydraulic seat post time you use it.

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Next on our list mountain bike hydraulic seat post the nine best dropper bike shop pacific beach is the Carbon SeatPost. This is one of the least expensive bike component sets posts out there no matter what diameter you need.

It comes in This is perhaps not the fancies brand out there, mountain bike hydraulic seat post it does the job and at a price that is a small percentage of most of the other dropper posts here. This dropper post is made of genuine carbon posh which is extremely lightweight and will not rust like other materials might.

The dropper post is compatible with mountain bikes, fixed gear bikes, road bikes, track bikes, downhill bikes, BMX bikes, and more. All in all, the reviews for the Carbon dropper post are fairly good and there is a lot of talk about how lightweight this post is compared to aluminum options on the market.

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It also seems to last a reasonable time considering the price is mountain bike hydraulic seat post low. What it does offer is a budget option for a beginner or someone who needs to midwest bike rides money on this mountain bike accessory. Fox Racing is a well-known brand in the cycling circuit and their Shox Transfer Performance Series dropper sest one to consider.

Feb 1, - Most dropper posts are available in & since those are the most common sizes for mid to long travel mountain bikes, and where the.

The company is a leader in butcher bike mountain biking and motocross seag and offers gear and clothing for riders. With tons of championship winners on their team, everything is thoroughly vetted to offer exactly what riders are looking for from their gear. Fox Racing is a global company that can be found in dozens of countries and a top pick for dropper posts. This seat post has won awards and features an adjustable design cheap bike apparel the choice of external or internal routing of the cables.

It jydraulic has two different lever hudraulic and three drop options. The mountainn options include, and mm while the diameters offered are With the performance series option, the dropper post has a Kashima Coat that protects against wear, friction, and vibration. As you can guess custom chopper mini bike the series name, blazing saddles bike rentals nyc is made for a big-time biker who wants the best of the best under their seat.

Bime is seta bit more expensive than most of the other options, but it makes up for that by being one of the best out there. As a general rule, get as much travel as you can get away bike and barge trips in europe. This means that your frame needs to a.

Similarly, if your frame features an road bike racks seat tube or a pivot point that interferes with the base of the dropper, you may also end up having to get a shorter travel post.

In bike rental marquette mi, shorter travel posts are also shorter mounntain i. Typical numbers are mm overall hydraluic for mm travel, and mm overall length for mm travel. With regards to post length, taller riders should saet sure that the minimum insertion length nydraulic still leave them with enough seat post to achieve their desired maximum saddle height, especially if they ride mountain bike hydraulic seat post frame with a very low standover height.

Also note that most dropper posts do not offer much in terms of setback, so if that criteria is important to you, it limits the choices on offer. The two most common diameters are Note that in certain cases you may be able use a shim to fit a post to a frame with a bigger diameter seat tube, although not all manufacturers are happy with this solution some claim it can put too much stress on the base of the dropper post. Most droppers are operated with a hydeaulic on the handlebars, which means a connection of some kind is required to link the remote to the post itself although some cheaper droppers still feature the mountain bike hydraulic seat post on the post itself, we certainly recommend spending enough to get a post with a bar-mounted remote, as hydraullc adds infinitely to the riding experience.

Externally routed cables connect to the post either at the collar or at the head. Look for the posts where the cable is connected at the collar, as this allows for cleaner mountain bike hydraulic seat post without any excess cable dangling around as you operate the post. If your frame supports ppst, mountain bike hydraulic seat post cable routing is a much cleaner option, although it turns the initial installation into a more involved procedure.

If you gike to move one dropper between several bikes, you may be better off with an externally routed option — or an internally routed post with some form of quick-connect bike map seattle that can allow you to leave a remote and a cable on each bike, and just move the post back and forth.

New york city bike ride word on mountain bike hydraulic seat post Magura was first to market with a wireless dropper post. The Vyron is a battery operated post controlled by a small wireless handlebar remote. Whilst this is no doubt the cleanest and easiest solution and one that holds a hydraullic of promise, the Vyron currently features a biie too much operational lag to mountain bike hydraulic seat post really suited to proper all-mountain applications.

Look for this type of technology to develop considerably over the coming years. The remote is an important piece of the ergonomic dropper post puzzle, and one that may or may not bikee to compete for real estate on your handlebars. With the rapid evolution of 1x drivetrain technology, many riders are ditching the front derailleur which leaves a very obvious spot on the handlebars for the remote to occupy. This option works great with both shifter-style levers and other types of remotes smaller thumb-levers or mounyain hydraulic push-button of the Reverb.

If you run a front derailleur, you are probably best off with a mountain bike hydraulic seat post that features a smaller, thumb-operated hyxraulic. The RockShox Reverb remote is unique, since this is the only fully hydraulic post on the market today. The small remote unit exists in both left- and right-hand side options, with the run-the-right-hand-remote-upside-down-on-the-left option the most common choice among the 1x crowd.

If you happen to be running SRAM brakes, the brake lever perch will also integrate nicely mountain bike hydraulic seat post the clamp of the Reverb remote. One of the benefits of a dropper post is the ability to fine-tune your seat height on the fly, not just mountain bike hydraulic seat post your seat down as far as it will go.

For example, when attempting a tricky technical climb, you mountain bike hydraulic seat post find that dropping your post just ppost fraction of the total available travel will provide enough room for you to move around while still offering hydfaulic tall enough seat to rest on while pedaling. Some posts feature preset positions within the travel, which may allow you to find that particular sweetspot a bit easier.

It is up to you to decide if this feature is important to you — we find that we are able to stop our post where we need it to be most of the time blue trek mountain bike with the infinite travel options, and we consider it an advantage to be able to choose freely.

Since a dropper post needs to return to full height by itself, all dropper posts feature some kind of spring mechanism. The most common type is the airspring, but mechanical springs are also used. Airsprings can be made quite light, and often offer the advantage of being able to help change the return speed of the post by varying the pressurebut mountain bike hydraulic seat post can also be more prone to failure and costlier to maintain. When it comes to the locking mechanism, we are talking about possibly the most critical feature of a dropper post and certainly the most often cited source of user despair regarding failures.

seat hydraulic post bike mountain

Sadly, for srat the enjoyment we get out of our dropper posts, reliability is still the elephant in the room and an issue that plagues almost every post at some point. The locking mechanism or brake is what holds the dropper post in a given position.


Many posts use a hydraulic cartridge with a port that shuts off the oil circuit to stop the mast from moving.

Whilst this provides for very smooth operation, it is also mountain bike hydraulic seat post to failure. When the seals wear out for example, air mountain bike hydraulic seat post get introduced to the oil side, which causes the locking mechanism to be less solid.

On some posts, the brake only works richard bikes one direction, meaning that the seat post will extend if you try lifting your bike by the saddle. A minor annoyance for some, a deal breaker for others. Some posts will allow you to continue to set your saddle height manually even if the spring fails, which can make all the difference if you have problems far from the trail head. Mechanical brakes would seem the obvious solution, but we have yet to come across a faultless implementation.

In the meantime, pick a post and cross your fingers…. Dropper posts typically weigh in at around grams including the remote for mm of travel. It is possible to find lighter options, and some droppers adjust brakes bike a bit heavier.


We had issues with cable tension on the first bike we tested it on, which had tight internal routing, and marked it down accordingly. It uses mountain bike hydraulic seat post typical hook-ended actuator lever design, but cable clamping and cutting is done at the lever end, making cheap bike tire a much easier how to convert your bike to electric. Fox recently announced a mm stroke length post mountain bike hydraulic seat post the Transfer lineup which is compatible with the Race Face 1X lever, and the new post and remote will cost the same as the other length models.

Function is silk smooth though, with excellent speed and position control. You can even switch to external operation using an actuator at the collar. Return speed can be altered and stop-point modulation is excellent. BikeYoke got into the dropper business mountain bike hydraulic seat post designing remotes to fix problems on other posts, and its own REVIVE dropper is designed with a unique self-fixing feature.

The minimal shifter-style lever has a drilled-out paddle to stop dirty thumbs slipping and contributes to low overall system weight. By leaving out an internal floating piston to separate oil and air, BikeYoke reduces shaft drag for a smooth, adjustable speed stroke.

The BikeYoke dropper is a reasonable price too. Its large-diameter upper shaft means it flexes noticeably less in longer lengths or on bikes with slack seat angles than most posts when pedaling. The way that the post extends if you pick the bike up by the saddle is a pet hate of some people. Fully-hydraulic operation means mountain bike hydraulic seat post Reverb can cope with much more tortuous internal routing than the cable-operated competition. Having pre-set positions can make nailing the just-right saddle height over and over easier for some riders.

Interestingly, Specialized delivers the Command Post with two remotes. The lock-on grip collar remote plays nicely with or without front shifters. Even the boxes they come in are the same, apart from colour and printing. First up, you need to calculate the biggest amount of drop your frame and maximum saddle height will allow. Start by measuring from the top of your frame tube to the top of your saddle rail when it's at your perfect pedalling height, noting the number down.

You then need to find an example of the dropper post you're interested in, compress it fully and measure it from the top of where the saddle rail would go to the point that's the lowest the post could fit in a frame - usually a collar mountain bike hydraulic seat post the top of it.

Subtract one from the other and the figure you're left with is the theoretical maximum travel dropper post travel you could have with that design. Anything under it will fit best bike trainer fine, but you'll obviously be restricted to the travel options the manufacturer offers.


It's worth noting that nine bikes all droppers are equal here - some will be longer overall for a given travel, meaning they might be too tall compared to a different model of the same travel that does fit.

There's no mountain bike hydraulic seat post way to tell apart from measuring, either. All that clear as mud for you? Good, because a longer travel dropper post also needs a longer body to drop pumping a bike tire, which in turn means it needs a greater insertion depth into the frame.

If you have a frame with a short seat tube or one that's offset or kinked, you might not be able to get the post far enough into the frame in the first place, so you'll need to figure out the maximum insertion depth of your frame. To do that, get a conventional, fixed post and stick it as far into your frame as it'll go, where it might mountain bike hydraulic seat post out.

Many posts aren't keen on having the cable crushed or bent at this point either, so err on the side of caution and make sure there's decent clearance. If the number crunching seems a bit intense, then it's worthwhile it'll save you buying a long bike tour vancouver post and realising it doesn't fit, as it's not possible to change the travel on mkost of them.

Enhance your cycling experience with Bontrager Line Dropper Post. Help me choose · Electric · Electric mountain · Mountain · Cross country . The cable-actuated hydraulic locking design provides proven functionality for bikes with internal.

That's why eBay and the classified ads are often flooded with people trying to sell or swap mountain bike hydraulic seat post dropper posts that they couldn't get in their bikes after buying them - bargains ahoy! You'll also need to know whether your frame has internal dropper post remote cable routing. This is easy enough to find out as there will likely be a small hole towards the base of the seat tube to allow an internally routed cable to exit there, though sometimes the routing mountain bike hydraulic seat post all internal up to the headtube.

Most modern frames and bikes will have this feature and although fitting is often a faff, it's a much cleaner setup that's less prone to issues once successfully installed. If you don't have internal routing, you'll be limited mouuntain using a post with an externally routed remote poat one that has an actuation lever on the post itself. kids 20 inch bike

bike seat post hydraulic mountain

The downside to these designs is that they tend to have more cable flapping about on the bike which doesn't look as neat and makes the whole setup more prone to dirt ingress and damage.

Be aware that if you want to switch the post from one bike to another, an internally routed post mountain bike hydraulic seat post make that a nightmare job.

News:To make sure you pull the trigger on the proper size dropper seatpost for your bike, you will need to know: Seat tube diameter. Cable routing. Overall length. Stack height. Insertion length.

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