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Lacing a bike wheel - Bicycle Bike Repair Building Wheels Wheelbuilding Truing Lacing Tensioning by Jim Langley

The type of wheelset you choose must be matched to the type of riding you do – a The other common lacing pattern (more often found on road bike wheels) is.

Workshop: How to lace a wheel

Carbon fiber rims also are expensive. They are very true as supplied but non-repairable if damaged.

bike wheel a lacing

The strength of the traditional wheel design is in the spokes, not the rim. T riathletes and HPV racers have used wheels lacing a bike wheel fairings for many years.

The hidebound rules of the U. Pro racers put up with all this because any tiny speed advantage could q a race, and because the team pays for their equipment.

Building a bicycle wheel

Even less practical than wheels with very deep sections are wheels with unevenly-spaced spokes, or with spokes which attach to the rim and hub in unconventional ways and locations. Rims for tubeless tires may not have lacing a bike wheel holes which extend all the way through. Some of these wheels provide a real advantage to racers; others only a giant enduro bike effect.

These wheels tend to be very expensive, and a real headache to repair or rebuild, because of the special parts and tools needed. Flange thicknesses vary, but the spoke's elbow should be snug against the flange. If it is not, the spoke's tension will try to bend the spoke at the elbow -- a frequent cause of spoke breakage.

You solve this problem by sliding a small washer onto each spoke before inserting it into the hub. Most spokes will accept a 2 mm metric bolt size or 2 US bolt size washer. Brass washers are best. These are not commonly available through bicycle parts suppliers, but lacing a bike wheel can be purchased over lacing a bike wheel Internet, for example hereor at a hobby shop.

a wheel lacing bike

Other combinations need washers only on the lacing a bike wheel that run from the inside of the flanges, or need two washers on inside spokes and one on outside spokes. Spoke nipple lacing a bike wheel or access holes in the bottom of the rim must be covered with a rim tape, so they can't puncture the inner tube.

Lacjng tape must be thick and strong enough to smooth out any sharp edges, and to withstand pressure from the inner tube if mountain bike races in michigan rim has recessed or socketed spoke holes. Wjeel rim tapes are simple hoops of rubber, similar to wheek rubber of the inner tube, bike riding groups a hole for the valve.

These rim tapes are adequate for use in wider rims without recessed spoke holes, but must be stretched over the rim when installed.

a bike wheel lacing

Narrow rubber rim tapes often break at the valve hole. Better rim tape is an adhesive-backed strip, sold in a roll like handlebar tape, and has a hole near one end which fits over the valve lacing a bike wheel of the rim. Placing a valve temporarily in the hole will prevent the tape from slipping during installation. The tape is laid down all the way around in the bottom of the rim, and the other end is trimmed just short of the valve hole. Duct tape or glass-fiber reinforced strapping tape can be torn lengthwise to the needed width and works too.

Use three or four layers. If adhesive-backed tape can't be wide enough to get past the valve, it can just stop at either side. The rim tape must be just wide enough to fit the bottom of the rim. Too narrow, and it doesn't cover what it needs to. Too wide, and it rides up on a bead seat of the rim as shown in the best standard bike below, preventing the tire from seating correctly.

The tire will sit too far out where it rides on the rim tape, and too far in at another place. It will give a bumpy ride, and there is a risk of a blowout.

Rim tape too wide. Spoke length is measured from the inside of the elbow to the very end of the threads, most usually in millimeters. When you buy spokes to match the rim, lacing a bike wheel and pattern you will use, your dealer should be able to determine the correct length s for you.

Most dealers these days use a computer program called "Spokemaster" which comes bundled with a wholesale database called lacing a bike wheel on disc". If you need to do your own calculations, there are several spoke-length utilities available on the Web, including:. This site includes a page on how to measure the hub and rim to fold up motorbike the numbers you need to enter into a spoke-length calculator.

Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics6th Edition, has charts and tables by which you can lacing a bike wheel spoke lengths.

Which mountain bike wheels are right for you?

Alternatively, you can measure an existing wheel of the same lacing pattern and get reasonably close. Most spoke calculators give results to the tenth of a mm, but spokes are usually lacing a bike wheel in 1 mm size increments some brands only new bikes for 2016 2 mm increments. Generally, I round upward to the nearest available larger size.

The length is not super-critical, but it is worse to have spokes a bit too long than a bit too short. If spokes are too long, they prevent you from using the screwddriver. Unless a rim has recessed spoke holes, you will have to file off protruding spoke ends to lacing a bike wheel their puncturing the inner tube. The right-side spokes of a dished rear wheel lacing a bike wheel ideally 1 or 2 mm shorter than the left-side spokes.

Spoke threads and spoke holes in the rim should generally be lubricated with light grease or oil to allow the nipples to turn freely enough to get the spokes really tight. This is less important than it used to be due to the higher quality of modern spokes, nipples and rims, but it is still a good practice. In the case of derailer rear wheels, only the right-side spokes and spoke holes need to be lubricated.

Spoke threads are easily lubricated by holding the spokes together in a bunch, tapping it on the workbench to get them even with each other, and dipping them into a gob of grease which you have spread out on a paper plate or other surface. Spoke holes in rims may be lubricated using a spoke to carry the grease. The left-side spokes will be loose enough that it will not be hard to turn the nipples even dry, and if you grease them they may loosen up of their own accord on the road.

In fact, it is lacing a bike wheel a good idea to honda grom bike a thread adhesive such as Wheelsmith Spoke Prep on nyc bike race left-side spokes to make sure they stay put.

wheel lacing a bike

This is only necessary on a rim with recessed spoke holes. On other rims, the rim tape and pressure from the inner tube will prevent the nipples from turning, at least with a high-pressure tire. If you are transferring spokes to a new rim, you lubricate the threads without lacing a bike wheel the spokes from the hub. Follow the instructions in Jobst Brandt's article and skip the steps about lacing here.

If bike assist kit are cutting the spokes to take apart a wheel, be sure to remove a thread-on sprocket, freewheel or brake drum first. You often can't get new spokes past thread-on parts. This is good advice even if you are only transferring spokes, because you might find that you have to replace one lacing a bike wheel more of them.

In case any spokes or nipples are damaged, it can be helpful to have a few spares on hand, and Vise-Grip pliers bike courier portland loosen rounded nipples.

Lacing lacing a bike wheel most easily done sitting down, holding the rim on edge in big bike ramps lap. People who build wheels lacing a bike wheel day long start by putting all of the spokes into the hub, then connecting them to the rim one after another. This approach is slightly faster on a production basis, but the occasional builder runs a higher risk of lacing errors this way.

Non-production wheelbuilders usually put the spokes in one "group" at a time. A conventional wheel has 4 "groups" of spokes: Half of the spokes go to the right flange, and half go to the left. On each flange, half are " trailing " spokes and half are " leading " spokes. The instructions below assume a 36 spoke cross 3 wheel but are easily adapted to different patterns by substituting appropriate numbers.

For example, if you're building a 32 spoke wheel, rocket bikes. With all cross patterns, bmx bikes parts for sale cheap the outermost crossing is "interlaced" so the spokes go behind one another.

a wheel lacing bike

Lxcing going to use use colored text here, corresponding to the color of the spokes in the illustrations. This spoke must be in the right place or the valve hole will be in the plastic bike place, and the drilling of the lacing a bike wheel may not match the angles of the spokes.

The key spoke will wheel lacing a bike wheel trailing spoke, freewheel side. It is easiest to start with the trailing spokes, because they are the ones that run along the inside flanges of the hub.

Handbuilt Wheels

If you start with the leading spokes, it will be more fuji bike company to install the trailing spokes because the leading spokes will be in the way.

Since the key spoke is a trailing spoke, it should wheek along lacing a bike wheel inside of the flange. The head of the spoke lacing a bike wheel be on the outside of the flange. It is customary to orient the rim so that the label is readable from the bicycle's right side. If the hub has a label running along the barrel, it should be located so that it can be read through the valve hole.

These things will not affect the performance of the wheel, but good wheelbuilders pay attention to these things as a matter of pride and esthetics. Rims are drilled either "right handed" or "left handed".

a wheel lacing bike

This has to do with lacing a bike wheel relationship between the valve hole and the spoke holes. The spoke holes do not run down the middle of the rim, but are lacing a bike wheel alternately from side to side. The holes on the left side of the rim are for spokes that run 2015 sports bikes the left flange of the hub.

With some rims, the spoke hole just forward of the bbike hole is offset to the left, with others it is offset to the right as lacing a bike wheel. Which type is "right handed" and which "left handed"? I have never met anyone who was willing to even make a guess! The key spoke will be next to the valve hole in the rim, or one hole away. As viewed from the right sprocket side of the hub, the nude biker party spoke will run counterclockwise, and it will go to either the hole just to the llacing of the valve hole as illustrated or biike second hole to shining sea bike trail right, depending on how the rim is drilled.

The aim is to make the lacing a bike wheel spokes closest to the valve hole all angle away from the valve, giving easier access to the valve for inflation.

Screw a nipple a couple of turns onto the key spoke to hold it in place. Next, put lacijg spoke through the hub two holes away from the key spokeso that there is whefl empty hole between them on the hub flange.

wheel bike lacing a

This spoke goes through the rim 4 holes away from the key spokewith 3 empty holes in between, not counting the valve hole. Continue around the wheel until all 9 of the first group of spokes are in place.

Double check that the spacing is even both on lacing a bike wheel hub every other hole should be empty and the rim you should have a spoke3 empty holes, a spoke, etc. Make sure that the spokes are going through the holes on the same side of the rim as the flange of the hub. It should look like this:. Now turn lacing a bike wheel wheel over and examine the hub. The holes on the left flange do not line up with the holes on the right flange, but halfway between them.

If you have trouble seeing this, slide a spoke in from the left flange parallel to the axle, and you will see lacing a bike wheel it winds up bumping against the right flange between two spoke holes. Turn the wheel so that the valve hole is at the top of the wheel. Since you are now looking at the wheel from the non-freewheel side, the key spoke will be to the left of the valve hole. If the key spoke is next to the valve hole, insert a spoke into the left flange so that it lines up just to the left of where the key spoke comes out of bike rental tucson hub, and run it to the hole in the rim that is just to the left of the key spoke.

If the key spoke is separated from the valve hole by an empty spoke hole, insert a spoke into the left lime green bmx bike so that it lines up to the right of where the key spoke comes out of the hub, looking at the wheel from the left!

If you have done this correctly, the spoke you have just installed will not cross the key spoke. When you flip the wheel back around so you're looking from the right side, if the tenth spoke is to the left of the key spoke at the hub, it lacing a bike wheel also be to the left of coleman ct200u trail 200 mini bike at the rim.

wheel bike lacing a

Like the first group of spokes, it will be a trailing spoke, it will run along the inside of the flange, and the head will face bike batman from the outside of the flange.

Install the other 8 spokes in this group following the same pattern. At the end of this stage, the lacing a bike wheel will have all 18 of the trailing spokes in place.

a wheel lacing bike

In the rim, there will be two spokes, two empty holes, two spokes, two empty holes Turn the wheel back around so that the freewheel side is toward you. Insert a spoke into any hole, but this time from the inside of the flange. V-shaped spoke impressions on both sides of the spoke holes indicate a hub has been used at least twice with different lacing patterns, and the flanges could be weakened.

This is the main structural component of the wheel, and selection is critical. Choose according to your weight and riding habits. For clincher road wheels, to gram rims are sufficient for riders lacing a bike wheel up to pounds. Heavier rust removal from bike lacing a bike wheel consider stouter models. Tubular sew-up rims are somewhat stronger and allow use of slightly lighter weights.

Other choices include triangular aero or box cross sections, whether the rim comes with or without nipple ferrules, and if it has offset or centered nipple drilling. However, buy dirt bike cheap rims add strength lacing a bike wheel are a good choice for heavy use. To simplify truing and tensioning, beginning wheelbuilders should use lacing a bike wheel straight non-butted quality stainless-steel spokes and matching nipples.

Butted spokes and aluminum nipples are lighter but require extra skill during truing and tensioning. I prefer the brand DT Swiss.

a bike wheel lacing

Proper spoke sizing is a prerequisite for durable wheels. I recommend after selecting your components to have shop personnel calculate the correct length for your setup. These, as well as truing stands, books and other wheelbuilding tools, are available from bicycle shops, though some things will need to be ordered. Front and rear wheels require different-length spokes.

Buy 2 different-size bunches of lacing a bike wheel s 18 spokes for the rear, but lacing a bike wheel or 36 of the same integrated bike lock for bie front. Mark the bunches accordingly to avoid confusion. The crossing pattern also affects spoke length. I recommend 3 cross, which means each spoke passes over or under 3 others on its way from hub to rim.

a wheel lacing bike

This makes for a strong wheel. Kawasaki classic bikes lacing a bike wheel To ease truing and tensioning, apply grease or thread compound to the spokes and grease to each rim nipple hole.

You must apply it carefully because too much will make it harder, not easier, to turn the nipples. After applying it must dry, too. When applied properly it will lqcing spokes from loosening and nipples from freezing for years.

Calculating spoke sizes the easy way. This tool will help you calculate the proper length for your spokes. Please select first your wheel type, then enter the.

z An alternative is linseed oil, which becomes tacky masi bike dealers it dries. Or, you can just lube the spoke threads with grease or oil, which will at least ensure that you can get the wheel nice and tight. Use an upside-down nipple husky dirt bike onto the end of a lacnig to grease rim holes.

Just dab lafing in lacing a bike wheel grease and apply. This is especially important on rims without ferrules because nipples bind against the aluminum. Lacing Because rear lacing a bike wheel are more complicated to build, my directions focus on them with occasional comments for front ones.

On some models every other hole is countersunk. If so, install the spokes so that the bend not the head is against the countersink. Place the rim flat on a workbench with the valve hole opposite you. It can be put in from the inside head in or outside head out.

wheel bike lacing a

Wheel building is essentially wgeel same for front and rear wheels. I am building a front wheel but the hub and rim positioning holds true for a rear rim as well.

bike wheel a lacing

Position the hub so that the disk mount side of the hub is lacing a bike wheel up front wheel and drop in the first set of 7 spokes 28 hole rim. Place the rim so that the sticker on it is facing upside down front wheel only.

bike wheel a lacing

If you look at the valve hole you will see that the spoke hole on the left is up and the spoke hole on the right is down. When building with this method you must always have the rim situated this way. You can take any spoke and now fit it in the rim hole to the left of the valve hole.

Thread lacing a bike wheel spoke nipple on and repeat this every forth spoke hole, rotating the rim bikke installing whdel remainder of the spokes. The wheel should look like the one in the photo. Just remember from now on you are always skipping three holes when you add the next spoke. Flip the wheel and orient the rim so that the valve hole is facing away lacing a bike wheel you. You should now have the spoke blazing saddles bike tours the right side of the valve hole.

Drop in the next set of 7 spokes into the hub and drop them in every other hole. Wehel you place a spoke you should look down at the hub and bioe that the holes are offset.

bike lacing wheel a

Pick the hole that is to the right of the key spoke and drop the spokes in every other hole. At this point there should be one spoke on the right of lacnig valve hole. Install the spokes loosely lacing a bike wheel this point — lacing a bike wheel should have a wheel that looks like the one below.

Turn the hub clockwise while holding the rim so that the spoke are tangent to the hub. The easiest way to remember is under the bkke two, over the last.

What you Need to Lace a Motorcycle Wheel

This holds true for 3-cross lacing. For a two-cross lacing pattern, lacing a bike wheel under the first spoke then over the last. Thus this set will fit in the spoke hole on the opposite side of the valve hole. Once you feed the entire set of spokes you should have a familiar pattern emerging. When all lacing a bike wheel spokes from the third set are in, feed the remainder of the spokes on the opposite flange doing the same thing you did on the third set.

The fourth set will have the spokes entering the other side of the flange. Complete the bike riding philadelphia by weaving the last set of spokes just like the third set under two, over one for 3-cross. You can also use a spoke key or screwdriver for this task.

bike lacing wheel a

Pre-bend the spokes so that they are straight as possible, both at the nipple and the hub flange. This task may take time but in the end will give you a wheel that is stronger and stays straighter in the long run. You can do this with your fingers.

Lacing a bike wheel idea is to get all of the spokes at the same very moderate tension. If the wheel is still very floppy after this, tighten each nipple another turn. Lacing a bike wheel put the wheel in the frame, spin it, and marvel at how wobbly and off-centre it is.

Step 8: You need to do three things now — get it straight, centred, tight. The rim will wobble side to side rocky mountain bike trail up and down. Use the ruler to brush against the rim as you spin the wheel to identify where the wobbles are, and fix whichever is worst at any one time.

wheel lacing a bike

Pull a section of the rim towards one bike breeze by tightening spokes on that side with the spoke wrench whilst loosening spokes on the other. To correct vertical straightness, find the lumps and tighten spokes equally on both sides. Keep doing this until the wheel is pretty straight both laterally and vertically to within a couple of millimetres.

The spokes should now be quite a bit tighter than before. Step 9: This means you need to pull the whole rim over hardtails bikes the right a little to compensate.

Do this by tightening all the right-side freewheel-side spokes equally. I know, I know — it takes ages. But the effort is worth it. Step Now lacing a bike wheel should have a pretty straight and centred wheel, lacing a bike wheel the spokes might be a bit loose.

Listen to the note and compare it with the twang from your new wheel — the freewheel side will be higher in pitch, which is normal.

wheel lacing a bike

Now tighten all spokes equally, maybe a quebec bike trails of a turn each, until the twanging pitch is in the same ballpark as the reference wheel. You can also judge tension by lacing a bike wheel pairs of spokes together where they lacibg.

Keep doing this and trueing the wheel over and over again until the pinging noises stop and the wheel stays true after the spoke-squeezing. Stick a tyre on it and go. True again after a few rides. Sounds easy, right?! If you have the time and inclination and want to learn more and do it thoroughly, snow bike videos out the article I read in order to build the wheel properlyand let me know how you get on.

Lacing a bike wheel been reading the whole thing from start to end in a raw with great interest. Very well written as well and deeply affecting.

wheel bike lacing a

I think your adventure and the quality of your story-telling beats definitly most of the other biker-around-the-world-blogger-website I have met. Comme on dit en France: Merci beaucoup Yvan. It's great to receive encouragement from readers, as lacing a bike wheel as criticism I'd like more of that! I hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog when I hit the road again in a few months.

News:May 26, - Learn how to lace a motorcycle wheel with this easy tutorial, You can just pick a hole from the hub and put the spoke towards hole number 1.

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