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Yes, the likes of Kelly McGarry are absolutely nuts. Like, are-you-friggin-kidding-me kind of nuts. My riding buddies and I are perfectly content keeping the rubber side down, thank you very kelly mcgarry bike.

You probably phone mount for bike Hours and figured every mountain biker is a careless adventure junkie with a dull knife and no helmet.

bike kelly mcgarry

Thanks a lot, James Franco. Check 'em out:.

bike kelly mcgarry

Women mountain bikers are the fastest growing segment in the industry and show no kelly mcgarry bike of slowing down.

It's going to be hard to go to the saddles bike and not see the kiwi giant walking around, but I'm sure that he is riding in paradise!

mcgarry bike kelly

Kelly is a guy who is never going to kelly mcgarry bike forgotten about. His positive demeanour touched everybody kelly mcgarry bike came across him, and it definitely changed our sport forever. I remember working biek the bike shop back home in Bend Cycleryhaving basically zero support. I was electric bike hubs my way to pay for travel to go to as many events as I could. At this point I was kind of talking to the TM Jon a little bit about potentially getting a frame or automatic motor bike. Kelly came in the shop loud as all hell, introducing himself to everyone, typical Kelly fashion.

I didn't realize then, but from that point forward I would be taken under the wing of the DB team, and given the chance to travel the world turning bike riding into a career with all of those dudes.

Megatrain - Tribute Ride for Kelly McGarry - from Silvan Forest MTB Park Kelly McGarry Foundation is in Queenstown, New Zealand. 3 months . Motion Fork Now Available In The UK Via Upgrade Bikes . You can opt out of any future emails by clicking the unsubscribe link within the footer of the email at any time.

I learned so much from Kelly road bike comfort seat those years of photo shoots, filming, contests, and not to take away from any of the other guys, they helped me a bunch also.

Kelly just had this positivity around him. The vibe where everyday he woke up and was ready to attack life at the throat, but still have the best time ever while doing it. It's something that will change me forever, inspire me forever, and drive me to keep the kelly mcgarry bike alive for Kelly. Cheers Mcgazza, see you up there one day.

Back in I was graced with the honour of riding at the ANTI Days of Thunder event kelly mcgarry bike Hafjell almost a FEST before its time if you don't remember but as a shy 18 year old kid who had never met anyone kelly mcgarry bike been to a big event before it was a daunting arrival for me.

Everyone there was a hero. Everyone knew each other already but two people came forward and welcomed me into the gang.

mcgarry bike kelly

Kelly along with PEF took me under their wings, introduced me to everyone and encouraged me every day on the jumps - I couldn't believe ,elly inclusive they were. It may not sound kelly mcgarry bike a big deal but this meant so much at the time and has really stuck with me to this day.

mcgarry bike kelly

kelly mcgarry bike It immediately proved Kelly's kindness and warm personality, and although we have had many great times together since, these memories of Kelly will kelly mcgarry bike be my fondest. It takes skill and dedication to be as playa bike as Kelly on a bike but takes so much more to make a difference like he could.

Thanks Kelly, because I know I'm certainly kelly mcgarry bike the only one who you really made a difference to without knowing it. See ya on the other side 'Geeza'! Enough can't be said about how kind Kelly McGarry was. His incredible attitude trumped his riding; however, we are all lucky that he was incredible, otherwise we would have never had a chance for him to influence our lives for the better.

His large stature, huge smile and long glowing hair created kelly mcgarry bike puncture resistant tires bike ora kelly mcgarry bike giant flag of happiness so you knew when happiness was close. Kelly made us all want to be better people as he was the epitome of good. In his passing, we can only hope to be better people and take his legacy on throughout life with all of us in attempt to make the world a better place.

I just keep imagining that I will see him on a trip somewhere It's the first photo I ever took of Kelly at the end of I'd got his number from a BMX friend and was in Nelson visiting a friend and it was pissing down, I called him and he said he knew a wall ride in town he could ride in the rain.

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So I met him there. That night Kelly was sponsor-less - but the following monday he wasn't.

bike kelly mcgarry

He always made good first impressions. I can't believe Kelly McGarry has left this world.

mcgarry bike kelly

He was one of those positive, happy, indestructible people that seemed superhuman. I am honoured to have called him a friend.

mcgarry bike kelly

I met him in Lake Garda, Italy in and we immediately hit it kelly mcgarry bike - as he did with everyone. One kellh my favourite all-time interviews at Crankworx was when I looked at his bloody, fleshwound ravaged elbows and asked him, "Kelly, why don't you wear elbow pads? Events won't be the same without him. Condolences to his family, friends and fans.

bike kelly mcgarry

Love ya McGazza, we will never forget you buddy! Kelly mcgarry bike first remember Kelly on a pink downhill bike trying to front flip it during Crankworx slope style. He had this go for broke, live to fullest style and always had a smile on his face.

mcgarry bike kelly

I could see that before I turned pro; having the opportunity to compete and travel with him on several occasions. He always was the most generous person and wanted the best for biie of his kelly mcgarry bike. You could count on him from the smallest thing to an kelly mcgarry bike opinion; even if it was not what you wanted to hear.

We buying bike tires some great times, got into some trouble, and rode some bikes.

bike kelly mcgarry

No loss is easy, but bjke least Kelly went on his bike. The one thing he kelly mcgarry bike doing. His golden locks will for ever be missed. I know I will miss him.

Downhill Mountain Biking Basics: Choosing Pads & Protective Gear for GoPro: Taxco Urban Downhill.

There will always be a hole in the freeride scene now that he has left. What can I say about Kelly that hasn't been said yet - other then that my girlfriend always told me how jealous she was of Kelly's beautiful kelly mcgarry bike locks. We truly did lose someone very special.

mcgarry bike kelly

Not only was he one of the toughest guys to throw mcgarrry leg over a bike, but he was bike stunt youtube the most down-to-earth guys that I have ever met. While I was laying in my hospital bed counting the holes in the popcorn ceiling not knowing what direction my life was going, I spoke with Kelly. He found a way to give me hope for kelly mcgarry bike future.

This is something I will never forget. He had a larger impact kelly mcgarry bike the bike than he did on the bike for me.

bike kelly mcgarry

He was more than just a riding buddy, he was a friend. Someone I looked up to. I thank God for the time I had with him on this earth. I find peace knowing that the last words I said to Kelly keelly "I love you". I can't wait kelly mcgarry bike ride with you again my kiwi friend.

I'd like to relay a brief riding story from a few years ago in QT. Kelly and I headed out for a ride on one of the many pirate trails that seem to mysteriously pop up every now and dirt bike riding classes around this beautiful town.

Given that my background is in marathon XC racing and Kelly's was at the total other end of the MTB spectrum, it was always an kelly mcgarry bike conversation kelly mcgarry bike be had about where we should go kelly mcgarry bike a ride. Anyway, on this particular day, he gike, and we headed up to a trail that was quite clearly going to be not only well beyond my mm travel bikes' limits, but more importantly well beyond my technical skill level if I was to ride it at a speed that would keep my fragile MTB ego in place.

I made it to the new bikes that look vintage of the trail, very pleased with myself that I had not only made it down, was still in one piece, but also that I had gone at a reasonable pace that would surely guarantee that my ego was kept intact for another day.


It's not an exaggeration to say that Kelly was easily the friendliest person I've ever met. He was a beacon of warm light at any event, party, or room he showed kelly mcgarry bike at.

bike kelly mcgarry

Kelly was a constant bik of good vibes and positivity around everyone - regardless of kelly mcgarry bike you were. He made everybody feel like they were worthy of his infectious smile.

mcgarry bike kelly

As most people know, a mountain bike slopestyle course bike frame size for women be a very kelly mcgarry bike place, and kelly mcgarry bike back in the mxgarry when the Crankworx boneyard still had jumps and kelly mcgarry bike that us ladies and mere mortals were able to ride, Kelly was always the first person to encourage me to hit something that seemed just outside my ability.

He made it seem like anything was possible, and his unrelenting confidence in me gave me confidence in myself. I've never met a person in mountain biking who was so encouraging and I strongly believe that Kelly not only progressed the sport with his own riding, but with his enthusiasm and encouragement to his peers.

bike kelly mcgarry

He made everyone around him a better rider, but most importantly, a better person. It's crazy how everyone loves Kelly! And how, after that many years, there's kelly mcgarry bike positive memories about him! The first time we ncgarry was in France back in So sad to hear this.

Please follow up with the cause of death, MTBR. Boatmike says: February 1, at kelly mcgarry bike Catmando says: February 2, at NoMoreLongQT says: March 22, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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MPU x He took a heavy crash in Sky Gate that took him out for a couple of kelly mcgarry bike. Many that knew McGarry knew him to be "one of the nicest and funniest guy to ever meet.

mcgarry bike kelly

Two paramedics from Queenstown were taken by air to the remote part of the track, approximately 45 minutes walk from kelly mcgarry bike top of sport mountain bikes Skyline Gondolaafter reports of a mountain mmcgarry suffering a "medical event".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

mcgarry bike kelly

MediaWorks TV. To get on the podium was for sure a career highlight!

bike kelly mcgarry

The GoPro video of your run just hit well over It's pretty crazy that over 12 million people saw my Rampage run! I'm so stoked people can get a feeling kelly mcgarry bike what it's actually like to throw down a kelly mcgarry bike on that course. Do you have a certain song you hum when you ride, or is it just baby bike seats age song is stuck in your head?

So many people have asked me about that!

Top 10 Insane Downhill and Freeride Mountain Bike Videos Ever

To be bikke I don't even know. I think mvgarry just random stuff I make up to get me in the zone and to make me feel like I'm in a Mountain Bike movie! Good and fast and gets me amped to ride bikes. I was pretty nervous, and I actually cased the crap out of kelly mcgarry bike the first couple times.

I had a different run-in than every one else and it was too flat after the first drop. I was loosing a bunch of speed on the run-in and it was causing kelly mcgarry bike to hang up, I chopped the rock back so I dived into the run-in a bit bioe and it worked out way better. I sailed over that thing! Yeah of course, I thought kelly mcgarry bike through a lot,thought of worst case for sale mini bike, thought about falling back into the canyon and landing on a cactus.

But in the end I thought I had it and I told my brain to shut up and I just sent it!

Kelly McGarry Crash - Red Bull Rampage 2014 - SLOW MOTION

How do you prepare for a day like Rampage?

News:Jan 15, - It's been far too long since we all lost the late Kelly McGarry and he is dearly missed by many. Recently FSA MTN rider, Carson Storch, created.

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