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Mar 3, - Forget the hand pump, here is a simple how-to guide for using a CO2 cartridge and inflator to pump up a flat tire in an instant. common, but whichever option you decide on, make sure the CO2 cartridges match the inflator.

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Or maybe you are doing your routine bike maintenance which we recommend! Whatever the reason, it is important to understand the correct procedures involved in pumping air aur your bike tires.

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In this article we will discuss the steps involved. Raleigh bikes first step in the process is to determine the valve type of your bicycle. The two basic valve types are the Presta typically found on road bikes and the Schrader typically found on mountain bikes.

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The Presta valve is long and slender and is typically found on high performance bikes that require high air pressure. Schrader valves, on the other hand, are wider and more secure than the Presta counterpart.

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Ro will release the CO2 as soon as you screw the CO2 cartridge onto the inflator, in which case it needs to be connected to the valve first. Make sure you check which inflator you have and use accordingly. The inflation process will happen quickly, within a handful of seconds.

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The tire pressure each CO2 cartridge can achieve will vary depending on the size of the cartridge and how well you perform the process. CO2 cartridges w come in 16g, 20g and 25g sizes.

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See below for an guide of inflation figures based on cartridge size. You may have to moderate the amount of CO2 you release into the bike stuff. The bigger cartridges can over-inflate and cause the tube to burst.

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As you inflate the tire, be sure to keep contact with the tire and a watchful eye. Once it is firm, it's time to stop inflating. It's hard to know exactly how much inflation is too much when doing it by touch or sight but the more you do it, the easier it will be to know when it's at the desired pressure.

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Once you've finished inflating your tire remove the empty CO2 cartridge from hoe CO2 inflator and either place it in your jersey pocket mountain bike headlights put it in the nearest bin.

Don't leave it on the side of the road for someone else to pick up.

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The next day you'll more than likely find that your tire will be flat or well on its way to being flat within 24 hours because CO2 will leak out of your tire faster than air. So don't forget to pump it up before your next ride.

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The air inside your tires is under a great deal of pressure and tends to seep out every day whether you ride or not.

So it's important to check your tires before each ride to ensure the correct amount of pressure.

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Different bikes require different amounts of air. A mountain bike generally requires less pressure than a road bike because they need to absorb the shock of uneven terrain and provide more traction. Road tiire require higher pressure because they are designed to go faster and smoother on even surfaces.

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Each bike is different, and the amount of air needed varies by make and model, so don't base the amount you need from another bike. It is important to know what your specific one requires.

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If not, adjust your pressure accordingly and be careful not to exceed your tire maximum. Heavier riders require higher pressures in the same size tire.

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For example, junior cyclists that weigh less than pounds do well with no more than 80 pounds of pressure in both tires. Higher pressures for lightweight riders provide little benefit in rolling resistance while decreasing tire adhesion with the road surface.

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This can lead to energy-sapping frame vibration and cause poor cornering and handling on rough roads. Any detailed discussion of tire pressure should also take into consideration the quality and type of tire being used.

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A quality clincher with a higher thread count in the sidewall will result in a smoother ride at higher pressures.

Sew-ups, or tubulars, tend to provide a smoother ride at similar pressures. Regardless of tire type used, be careful not to over pressure your tires.

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Too many times, I have seen riders experience catastrophic tire failure at a race because of over-inflated tires Over-inflated tires fail dramatically and often sound like a gunshot! A lower pressure will provide a smoother ride, better qir adhesion on the road and better control.

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We all dream of that mystical ride along a beautiful winding country road paved with new asphalt. Reality dictates that much of your riding will be on a variety of surfaces.

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Generally speaking, most riders use a slightly lower pressure on rough roads. With lower pressures, the tire deforms to the uneven surface and makes better contact with the road.

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This reduces vibration and provides better traction and control.

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