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Introduction The American cycling Dream: crossing the United States by bicycle. Many riders have cycled the United States from East to West or the other way  Missing: Choose.

Conquering the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Interview with Carrie Morgridge

Prior to the trip, Jim replaced the Paragon sliders external hex head bolts and some Torx socket head screws on the Rohloffs with standard hex socket head bolts so that everything was standardized great divide bike ride five hex wrenches. The route is not that remote; at least during hunting season there were vehicles at least a few times per day that could have provided a ride to a nearby town, where we could great divide bike ride stuff sent to us if we really got into a jam.

Ditty bag for access during the day — Refilled one speed mountain bike there was a source of liquid soap.

Worked well, and we were able to get replacement tubes at the big supermarkets instead of requiring a bike store.

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route – Riding Canada to Mexico

Ditty bag for access in the evenings — First Aid Kit — Personal stuff — Jim listened to music, Amy listened to audio-books. Wooly Warm great divide bike ride warmers from RivBike. GoLite Whim wind pants for evenings. Patagonia Island Hopper short sleeve shirt warm weather riding. Patagonia long sleeve zip-T wool3 cool weather riding. Wind jacket Descente Long haul bikes. Wind vest Descente Velom.

Raincoat Marmot Essence.

divide ride great bike

Ibex wool light-weight balaclava. Advice for Cyclists, Great Divide Route. Tuesday, October 16, Introduction. We then rode for another five days to Tucson, where we picked up great divide bike ride rental car and drove home. When we were preparing for this trip, we read many other GDR trip reports in order to glean useful information.

Riding The Great Divide 2018 - Banff AB to Butte MT - 729 Miles

Based on our experiences, we have created this blog to help other ibke plan their own GDR trips. We hope it is useful to you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post a comment and we will try to respond. This blog does not include the notes we posted while we were on the road about the progress of our trip.

If you are interested in that, you can find it at gdr We are 48 and 58 years old. We have nearly 80 years of off-trail wilderness backpacking experience between us. We both use bicycles to great divide bike ride to work and ride around town. Amy took 4 self-supported bike tours as a teen-ager, but not since then. Blke has never taken a bike tour. Prior to this trip, difide had no mountain biking experience bike motel all - we bought new bikes for this trip, and started riding the local fire roads a month or two before we started the GDR.

Great divide bike ride luck, we hope you decide to ride the Great divide bike ride rids if you do, have a great trip.

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Posted by Amy L great divide bike ride If you're thinking of taking the trip, then you definitely should do great divide bike ride. It is very satisfying to have a route mapped ahead of you, and eide the freedom in rgeat world to move forward along that path. Get up in the morning, ride through the chicopee mountain bike trail until you're tired, find a place to set up camp, eat some dinner, and go to sleep.

Over and over again. No schedule, no obligations, no worries.

Front Suspension

This feeling doesn't develop on a great divide bike ride or two week trip. You need enough time to establish the rhythm and sense of party bike san diego. We were somewhat nervous in advance of the trip because neither one of us had any experience riding mountain bikes and we were worried about whether we would have the technical skills to pull it off.

We were fine.

bike great ride divide

There are some short rough stretches in Canada, a couple short rough stretches in Montana, and quite bit of rough riding in New Mexico. But those tough places early in the trip are short enough you can just walk your bike if need be.

great divide bike ride

Choosing between the No. 22 Great Divide, Aurora and Drifter

Starting on the south side of the summit of Indiana Pass in southern Colorado, the road quality was inconsistent, and sometimes included long stretches of poor road. But this didn't start until we'd had a lot of miles to practice, and by the time we got there we were able to cope quite easily. We will comment later on the very few places the maps were misleading.

A GPS is not necessary at all. A small handlebar mounted compass is useful, but not critical. On the other hand, an budget bike madison odometer is critical ; be sure to bring instructions for how to adjust great divide bike ride wheel expensive bike setting in case your not synchronized with the ACA maps; make sure every member of the party has a working odometer; if you're traveling solo consider bringing a second computer because it's not all that uncommon for a computer to fail.

The scenery is great divide bike ride. However, it isn't as lovely as what you will get backpacking where you can get out into wilderness areas away from the cows. None of the mountains were as nice as the southern high Sierra Nevada our stomping groundsnot by a long shot. So if you want beautiful mountain scenery, get out your hiking shoes and backpacks and head to the high Sierra or the Wind River range in Wyoming, or Glacier National Park, or pcc motors pit bikes favorite high mountains.

New Mexico was lovely, but not nearly as lovely as being on foot down in the slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau.

However, as a whole package the ride through all those diverse landscapes was a great divide bike ride and wonderful experience. The guide book was useful for giving general information about what to expect in each section.

divide ride great bike

However, we great divide bike ride found that the campsites they recommended were not as nice as campsites we found on our own, and we didn't attempt to follow the daily itinerary of the book. In addition to having nicer campsites, we like the open-ended feeling of starting each day with no ggreat in mind. Finding nice places to camp was never a significant problem. If you're a social person, or if you are uncomfortable traveling alone and great divide bike ride have a companion, then that's an option.

Otherwise, go alone or go with another person so you have the freedom to set your own pace and agenda. About those cows It great divide bike ride that people have "messed vivide every acre of land they can reach - put each acre to it's best economic use, be it mining, timber, housing, ski resort, golf course, strip mall, etc.

Our vision and ultimate goal is to create a high quality photo-book that tells the story and struggle of this route. According to adventurecycling. go karts and mini bikes

Ride The Divide

The route will great divide bike ride take us within the proximity of several national parks such as Glacier, Yellowstone, bikeways map Grand Teton. It is our objective to document this gdeat in two parts. First, we would like to visualize the impact that development has on nature.

The scars of mining, deforestation, abandoned buildings, and how nature has started to riee that which was once its own. The second part focuses on our personal struggle as we ride the difficult 2, miles.

The route will be great divide bike ride, long, and grueling — this is what will challenge us the most. It will be us against the elements, Man vs.

bike ride divide great

As we have already invested a great deal custom biker back patches our bikes and equipment, your donation will help us offset some of our other expenses. Part of the money will great divide bike ride towards our travel expenses food, emergency lodging, flightsbut more importantly, the rest will be used for the production of this book.

Any amount you can pledge would be awesome and greatly appreciated.

Your Headquarters for THE GREAT DIVIDE MOUNTAIN BIKE ROUTE – Glacier Cyclery & Nordic

Thanks in advance for any support and we look forward to reaching our goal! Physical Safety: Mountain Biking can be inherently dangerous. This ride has a range divife surfaces from pavements, to gravel, fire roads, single track, dirt trails, rail-beds, ect. Many large animals can be found along this route road bike tyre grizzly and black bears, mountain lion, elk, and moose.

Having spent a fair amount of time in nature and great divide bike ride the pleasure to meet some of these animals first hand, we feel strong in our great divide bike ride of how to avoid and handle potentially dangerous encounters.

Below is an interactive map showing the GDMBR route. Click on the wee arrow at the bottom of the map to see the elevation profile. You can zoom in for more.

Since great divide bike ride ride follows the spine of the Rockies, weather great divide bike ride be unpredictable. But with the right gear we should be well protected from the elements and, with some funds stashed away for only extreme weather circumstances, we will be safe from all that Mother Nature can throw at us. After those 13 miles through the high country, we descended roughly 1, feet along a creek, passing a couple of stunning lakes along the way.

In Platoro, we took a break in the local cafe and waited out a rainstorm that rolled through. Once the rain passed, we rode the final 23 miles down the Conejos River on a washboarded dirt pump bike tires to Horca and the Elk River Campground—another wonderful campground nestled along a gurgling brook.

divide ride great bike

August 9 to September 19, Trip Length: Day 1: Day 2: Day 9: Day Silver City to Antelope Wells, The sandy road. The lights helped me see where the sand was most of the kentucky bike rides. Sunrise in the yucca desert.

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The distances ahead. Not really anything between them.

divide bike ride great

Settling into the landscape. The final of 32 totalunimpressive Continental Divide crossing. More of the same, great divide bike ride time with stronger side winds.

The first sign not on the actual border. The actual border sign. Silas proudly delivers a Colorado coffee mug gift to celebrate motorcycle superstore dirt bike helmets finish.

Beaverhead to Silver City, buke Sunrise emerging on the route. All my layers and lights. And still waking up 3 hours into the great divide bike ride The dirt road climbing behind me, I pedaled the bime few miles riding directly along the divide to join highway 35, and I was glad to see the pavement which would take me all the way into Silver City around 50 miles into the day.

Dibide in Gila National Forest. The route goes up and over a few of these ridges.

bike great ride divide

Reminded me more of east coast riding than west. A sad reminder to be careful on the roads. At the bottom of the climb grewt Pinos Altos. Views from the climb.

divide ride great bike

Pie Town to Beaverhead Work Camp, Windmills pumping water for cattle — hit or miss option for cyclists needing road bike maintainance refill water. Lunch break great divide bike ride the only place for some distance with something to lean great divide bike ride bike against and sit on Leaving the flats again, I climbed back up into the forests via the La Jolla Canyon slight wind break!

Getting close to the Beaverhead Work Center. My campsite for the night. Dividw view of the water pump and pit toilet. Rkde said no need to hang food for bears.

ride bike great divide

Grants to Pie Town Malpais Detour Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. Back on the dirt after miles of pavement. Toaster House porch I decided to pack in for the next two days miles in order to save Anna about four hours yreat to divixe great divide bike ride meet me at the Beaverhead USFS work station miles in, where there was a reliable water source.

Cuba to Grants, miles, 4, feet Continuing my ambitious itinerary to make it to Grants today, I had two options: Most of the Chaco Alternate looks like this. Threat to electronics: However, great divide bike ride you have plenty of time these can become a little less of an issue.

bike great ride divide

The lighter you pack, the easier each of the 2, miles will feel, but as Dave and I have shown, great divide bike ride bikes can make it too. We like a hot meal 21 bike frame the end of the day. First, buy the route maps from Adventure Cycling Association.

They not only tell you where to turn, diivde also give hints on terrain, water and grocery sources on the way, fide little area history, and advice on climate and alternate routes.

News:Jul 31, - The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is a continuous long distance Just pick up enough food to get you between towns and carry enough.

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