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The BB sensors also come in a range of spindle lengths and you would normally select one that is a close match to the length of the original BB on the bike in.

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One of items we demonstrated at the show is the build your own road bike GMAC motor series. is a powerful clutchless geared hub motor developed over the past ebikes.cca years in partnership with MAC motors, using a custom axle an integrated splined torque arm. a MAC motor with perfect fit for modern bicycles, zero torque transmission on the dropouts, phenomenal regenerative braking control. You can learn more the development and axle testing process on this endless-sphere thread. Our ambition is to make this splined axle design into a new standard that we deploy across entire higher power motor lines to replace axle flats.

If you're excited as us and want to right into, we have the first production shipment on hand available in bare motors and complete kits.

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One thing you'll notice about this GMAC motor is that we are using the 10 pin waterproof locking motor Over the course of the year we will switching to this connector standard for all of our medium and high power hub motors, replacing Anderson and JST-SM's that we had standardized on Our hope is that this plug will become to motors in the watt power range what the Z became for the low power geared motors, with all motor manufacturers agreeing to the same pinout standard for easy swapping and interchangeability.

We have an L10 version of the motor controller available now and will be expanding this to a Grinfineon offering as well. There are two additional motors in lineup already using this locking connector. The first is a new rear cassette motor from Nine Continentwhich has disk rotor clearance and alignment than the MXUS boys electric dirt bike.

Crystalyte Crown TC80 - Running like a BOSS! - kit

Our first batch of these has sold out but the larger sea order is expected later in The second is an updated variant of our Grin All Axle where we've got the cable exiting on the disk side of the motor single side applications.

If bikes at sports authority got a catrike and are looking for powerful dual motor drive like the one here, please give us a shout.

We've also released our first native 72V battery pack in a conventional downtube battery, assembled using the high best sport bike Samsung 40T cells so that even with the small capacity it is able to deliver A continuous currents. This is an ideal battery for fast sporty offroad ebike builds, ebikesca performance without the weight or of most 72V setups either two 36V packs in series or a large triangle frame

At the moment battery is in stock but for local pickup orders only we are going through the certification testing required shipping. We've been keeping the cell offerings on radar as they start to catch up with the performance specs of the more mature series and this it looks like they are finally making the bikes frames.

Expect more us the year goes on. Our multiple-delayed Crystalyte sea shipment has also arrived this last week after being held up by customs inspections, and all the Crystalte 'H'motors are back in stock again. A lot of you have been waiting some for these and the wait is finally over.


Here is the other presentation from the BC Show earlier this month. It was a basic primer for people to learn about ebike conversion options before we went on to do a live install of a conversion kit. This is buy dirt bikes virtual hello all the people who came by our booth last weekend the BC Bike Show and are just now visiting our webpage for the first time.

We had a great time and were delighted to see how this event has grown recently. And to those lament that the bike show is totally taken over by ebikes, well it's been over 15 years now that we've been trying to tell you all this day was coming!

For those who missed seeing it live, we've also uploaded youtube video of our live demonstration of a regular bike being converted over to electric assist. hope this helps demystify the process for some considering their first kit purchase.

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It was a fun opportunity as the owner of the bike was at the show and ride it away next day. The video of our earlier presentation on how to small city bike various ebike conversion options should be ready to upload later this week. so many turn-key ebikes display at shows like this, it's pretty common for people to ask why would they bother to retrofit a normal bike they just buy an electric bike that is ready to roll?

It's a fair question and we decided to answer that with an in pamphlet that we also made on our webpage here. Unrelated to the show but also of local interest.

eBikes CA,Chico Bike Shops | Electric Bike California-Shaka Electric Bikes

The BC government is soliciting input on what is meant by transportation" which could hopefully help to direct policy and regulation governing not just ebikes but all kinds of human scaled transport.

If you think electric skateboards should be on their radar or faster S-Pedalec class ebikes then this is a chance to have your voice heard. Electric bicycles have been an entirely grass roots phenomenon most of their trajectory and it's encouraging to see entire scope personal mobility finally being acknowledged and discussed at this level.

We'll be of course, and in addition to our exhibitor booth we'll also be hosting Stage best mountain bike brands under 1000 give more public presentations.

On Saturday at This is an opportunity get your questions answered and to demystefy some of the regarding aftermarket and DIY ebike options. you're thinking of out to the show to visit us, then let us know as we may be able to help with the tickets too.

Get ebikes CA at,a famous bike shops Chico CA. With both pedal assist and full throttle at your finger tips, you choose how fast and.

Our online hub motor simulator allows you to see this easily. In the graph below, we have a typical ebike setup composed of a Crystalyte H hub motor, minnesota bike trails map 36 battery pack, and a 20A motor controller. running full throttle, the motor output power red graph peaks at at 40 kph. Above this speed, the power and torque of the decreases until reaching 0 at 48kph.

Below this peak power speed, the motor controller is current limited and so is the electrical input power to the hub motor. That's because the motor is less and less efficient it slows down in this constant power scenario, which you can see from the green efficiency curve. The graph is identical to the 20A controller above 40 kph, but below this speed the 40A controller setup continues to allow power outputs until itself peaking at watts of output power at 33 kph. do these systems compare?

If you rode the bike, you would find that it accelerates off the and has more punch, but once you got up to 40 kph the ride feeling would be identical, and in typical cruising situations you would bike demo day appreciate the difference between the setups on steeper hill climbs.

Now lets keep the original 20A controller increase the battery from to 52V. With this setup, the peak output power is now watts. That's less than the peak of the 36V 40A arrangement, but if you hopped on this bike and rode it it would likley feel more powerful.

You'll travel faster, up most hills faster, and average power usage will be a lot higher, even the peak power of the system is less. So now you see why a comparison of peak output power alone doesn't tell the full story on how powerful a system will feel.

And you can see too that this peak power is not a motor property since all the above graphs used exactly the same motor, it's actually mostly a function ebikesc.a the motor controller and pack. I could swap much smaller or larger motors with the same controller and battery, and the output power levels wouldn't vary by that much. common approach for ebike vendors to use bike fender review giving a power rating on their is to use not the motor output power peak or otherwise but the maximum input power as shown on a Cycle Analyst.

A higher voltage setup therefore needs amp-hours to deliver same range.

So a 24V 8Ah battery can watt-hours, while a 48V 4Ah pack also has watt-hours. Assuming pacific cycle bikes both batteries are of the same chemistry, then you could expect would weigh the same, cost the same, provide the same performance on appropriately designed ebikes ie, one designed for 24V and the other for 48V.

Many of the store-bought ebikes have about this much capacity since it keeps the battery cost down. For people who want to actually commute reasonable of km, I would recommend on order of watt-hours.

This figure says how heavy a battery pack will to kids kick bike achieve a certain range. Knowing these values it easy to project the weight of a pack without having look up data from the manufacturer.

One term you will frequently come across is the 'C' rate of a battery pack. This is a way of normalizing the performance characteristics so that batteries of different capacity are compared on equal terms. Suppose you an 8 amp-hour pack.

Then 1C would be is mapquest for bikes amps, would be 16 amps, 0. A higher 'C' rate of discharge is more demanding the cells, and often requires high rate batteries. You might want to get two of these to make a 48V 4Ah battery for your ebike. calculate that the range will be more than adequate for short commute to work and back. The is that 1C is just 4 amps, your ebike will probably draw amps.

If these cells are subject to ebikes.da discharge rates, then the voltage will sag considerably, leading to slower performance, and the cycle life of the will be greatly reduced. Most inexpensive NiMH are not really for discharges greater than 1C. Newsletter Subscribe. Bike rental dayton ohio test ride almost all of the eBikes we sell and post in-depth video reviews and ride tests.

Grin Technologies – ebike innovators out Kelly's extensive eBike video ebikes.da, including eBike comparison video reviews and long term reviews of our eBikes. Hours and directions. Contact us: With tens of thousands of riders across North, you'll never need to ride alone. Canada Based Support. Have a question? Talk to a real good starter bikes for women in Vancouver. and Ready to No pre-orders, we have bikes available and ready to ship to you now!

Affordable Direct to Consumer Pricing. are our bikes often than half the price of comparable bikes on the market? Because we sell direct to you, the consumer.

Our Bike Finder is the easiest way to find the right Trek road, mountain or city bike. It simplifies your search and answers the question, 'What bike is right for me?'.

We forgo the traditional bicycle distribution because that of selling means a higher price tag for the consumer.

The only place you can purchase our ebikes is directly from us and, because of that, you won't see the large retail markup would be present if you were buying from third party, ensuring you're 130mm trail bike getting the best deal on your electric bike.

Now that's Rad. Meet the Lineup.

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