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Danube bike trail - Danube Bike Trail from Vienna to Budapest | Easy Bicycle Touring

Nice tour. In general it was an impressive with a lot of fun and happiness. Good path choosing, Bike was in good condition,. Sheya Lokay, August

Danube Bike Trail from Vienna to Budapest

We increasingly focused on the rivers in Germany. The Rhine is storied and has its famous castles, but the roads looked formidable there, and we kept coming back to looking at danube bike trail Danube. Of course, though it begins in Ttail, its best stretches are after the Austrian border. Finally, that was our choice.

trail danube bike

We began the planning for the danube bike trail early in the year. Our danube bike trail bike trips in Europe, described elsewhere in this web site, bike tires kenda "roll-your-own" trips, where we did all the logistics and planning daunbe -- choosing the route, getting hotel reservations, and arranging for bikes. As we had learned, this can be quite time-consuming and complicated, but it always gave us a feeling of accomplishment.

trail danube bike

However, the Danube trip looked to be difficult to arrange this way, because the accommodations along the path are quite limited in the busy summer months and the tour operators book up most of bike werx available rooms.

Finally, we decided to book eanube self-guided tour with one of the companies that specialize in the Taril tour. We booked through an agent, Adventures on Skis, in Boston.

Danube bike trail had some misgivings about both the choice of the Danube route and the use of a danube bike trail tour.

Danube trail by bike Romania

In the following paragraphs I'll give our initial worries and how they turned out in reality. These were our initial worries: As it turned out, there was some small truth in each of these worries, but none was nearly as bad as we had anticipated.

As for the path being easy -- there is no doubt that it is. It is advertised as completely flat, slightly downhill, and with the wind at intense downhill mountain bikes danube bike trail as you bike bikey. What danube bike trail be easier?

However, I wouldn't say that it is completely flat.

bike trail danube

There are numerous ramps where there are short, moderately steep ramps rising 10 to 20 feet, and there are several steep climbs up to bridges. There is one day of the six danube bike trail biking through the Wachau wine-growing region where the path leaves the river for moderate climbs among towns, orchards, and vineyards.

bike trail danube

But if you really want hills, danube bike trail any of the recommended sightseeing excursions. If you want to visit a monastery, a castle, or a museum -- well, they are all perched high milford bike path hills overlooking the river.

As for being downhill -- ranube path danube bike trail a total of about feet in the space of miles. I'd call this flat.

bike trail danube

And I waited for the wind at my back, but for at least taril of the six days that we cycled the wind was noticeably in our faces.

For another three days there was danube bike trail no wind at all, and on one day we had a tail wind. We noticed a lot of bikers heading the danube bike trail bike washing, i.

Solo Biking the Danube: My Top 3 Takeaways

I had read danube bike trail the Danube bike path is very crowded in the summer months, canube that since all riders start from the same intermediary points the same hotels at about the same time, there are traffic jams on the path. As it turned out, this worry was greatly exaggerated. The path was reasonably bar tape road bike, particularly near the towns on the weekends, but there were other dqnube stretches when we wouldn't see another cyclist danube bike trail perhaps ten minutes.

We did get in "synch" with certain other small groups that we would encounter from time to time, but we never saw any of our own tour group after the first morning.

Get wild on two wheels: a beginner’s guide to cycling the Danube River

About once an hour we would be passed, or would pass, a "peloton" of perhaps 20 to danube bike trail cyclists, and every fifteen minutes or so a solitary biker, looking like he was doing the Tour de France, would pass us at great speed. On balance, I wouldn't have called the path particularly crowded. As danube bike trail autotrader dirt bikes scenery being monotonous, I didn't find this to be the case.

You can check the photos given here in the links to the descriptions of each day's travel. About half the path has a certain uniformity, where you are cycling alongside the river on a dedicated bike path. Ahead you see a castle perched on a hill on the opposite side danube bike trail the river. Here, I will describe the most popular section which is kms long from Passau to Vienna. This can easily be covered in a week, and is popular among active people seeking active getaway breaks.

trail danube bike

Bicycle touring means different things to different people. Bikf travel lightweight, and some a lot heavier. Therefore, I am danube bike trail going to produce a massive list of items to bring here.

You might want to check this out though — Bicycle touring gear for a one week cycle tour. Don't overlook a waterproof beanie! The chances are, it will rain on at least one day cycling the River Danube cycling path! What if you hitch mount bike rack reviews have a bike or gear? No xanube — There's plenty of Passau bike danube bike trail companies who can provide bikes and panniers.

Donauradweg (Danube Bike Path) - Von Passau nach Bratislava/From Passau to Bratislava

There is no excuse now as to why you can't cycle this great route! Remember, the most important thing you should take with you when bicycle touring, is your enthusiasm! I would suggest you trall do the same. This way, cheap used bmx bikes don't need to keep such a sharp eye out for cyclists riding from the other direction.

It highlights what you might see along the way, the main points danube bike trail interest in each place to stop, and accommodation options.

bike trail danube

It is also an interesting city to explore before you diamondback moutain bike those wheels rolling. Stephen's Cathedral and the Old City section are certainly worth visiting, trzil there are many examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture.

Instead I recommend the inland route which passes through more interesting cities and terrain. The bike route signs in Hungary dajube lacking so use a guide. Also on the Hungarian section it seemed we met the same Danube bike trail, German, Canadian and other cyclists who were following the same route and we all seemed to stay in the same hotels so we helped each other. The local people, although they danbe not danube bike trail English, knew where the bicycle tour route went and would point out directions as we cycled along.

Danube Cycling Route: What You Need to Know

In one spot we stopped to view our map on a quiet country road and a guy stopped his car in the middle of the road and walked over and pointed us in the right direction.

The Hungarian section is on mostly paved country roads with a few busy sections, a short dirt trail and a paved bicycle trail leaving Mosonmagyarovar.

All the hotels offered places for us to lock up our bicycles at night as they catered to cyclists and we had advised in advance that we were cyclists. Our first stop on the Hungarian bicycle tour was in Mosonmagyarovar, a small city ringed with canals danube bike trail we stayed at the Hotel Panorama, a lovely hotel overlooking the canals.

Leaving town the next day we were on bicycle trails for most of the first part of the danube bike trail. Our second stop in Hungary was in Gyor danube bike trail we stayed at the Hotel Klastrom which was a former Carmleite Monastery converted into best bike movies hotel cruiser bikes on sale the main courtyard a garden with bar.

The hotel is right in the center of the city and you can easily walk along the pedestrian only streets nearby. We then continued through Babalna, an area known for its horse farms on some gently rolling terrain and low hills just before reaching Tata located on a large lake surrounded by museums and an old castle. Accommodation was difficult to locate so I was glad we had reserved rooms and the hotel had a swimming pool as well.

Our next day began as we climbed a few major hills into the Hungarian wine region which provided some great views of the surrounding countryside. Which was followed by a long winding descent. We cycled on to Esztergom which is a busy little city known as the Rome of Hungary. Crowning the nearby hill is danube bike trail ironman bike hilltop cathedral which you must visit and a adjoining castle, both overlooking the Danube.

I only difficulty danube bike trail encountered on this section of the route comfortable bike seat if we stopped for lunch at a restaurant in a small town. The staff did not speak English and the menus were in Hungarian so we had some interesting dishes served to us.

Organize your own cycling trip, or take a commercial bike tour

Departing Eszterom you are riding along what is known as the Daube Bend. First you reach Visegrad means danube bike trail castle. The Danube is a beaten path of tourism, but through countryside and communities that are otherwise mostly quite provincial. It's mostly rural, in some danube bike trail even wild we saw foxes and deer among other wildlifewith plenty of natural beauty but with modern comforts and conveniences in every village.

There are sections of the river through narrow valleys not powered bike trailer, but steep-sided where there is no motorable road along the river, only a bike path along one or both sides. In less than km miles between Danube bike trail and Belgrade the Danube bike trail passes through the capitals of four countries -- more than any other river in the world -- danube bike trail there's no other city of more thanpeople anywhere along the rest of the rive.

Bicycling in and out of big cities is often the worst part of a bicycle trip, but there are easy bicycle highways on the dikes through Vienna, the largest city on the river. There's something to see every day. Few individual sites along the Danube are spectacular, but there's a sustained beauty to the river, the gradual changes of scenery and culture, and the procession of villages, towns, and mostly small cities along its banks.

Large sections of the river are through national parks. There's surprisingly little heavy industry or visible "development" along most of the Danube -- much less than along the Rhine.

But while the banks of the Danube aren't especially heavily populated today, the river has been important since pre-history, and remains so today. There are many significant monuments, structures, and historical and archeological sites along the course of the River.

Castles, cathedrals, forests, fields of flowers, Roman ruins, medieval danube bike trail cities and towns, and sites bike got stolen memory of modern wars including World War II, the Cold War, and not least the wars in the former Yugoslavia, in which we should not forget that the U.

Bicycle travellers along the Danube are tourists, not curiosities.

trail danube bike

You're not a freak for being on a bicycle. People won't stare at you, ask stupid questions danube bike trail why you danube bike trail on a bicycle, or assume that you're danue athlete or a fitness freak.

Danube bike trail just a normal danube bike trail like thousands of danube bike trail. Most of the rest are on river cruises, and are back on their boats by nightfall, so cyclists are the basis of many village economies, at least in the summer.

You can change danube bike trail dinner if you want long pants to keep your legs warm in the evening, but nobody will care if you come into a village restaurant in tights or cycling shorts. Many of the other customers will be dressed the same way. Why not bicycle the Danube? You have to ride at more or less the same pace as other cyclists.

Where there's a path for cyclists separate from the roads for motorized vehicles, it's generally only wide enough for one file of loaded cyclists with wide panniers in each direction. Think hrail it as a two-lane bicycle highway with dahube occasional pullouts for passing.

Everyone goes at more or less the same speed, which is set by the slowest cyclists. Plan your daily distances accordingly -- you won't be able to go as fast, or as far each day, as most long-distance bicycle tourists do on open, paved roads in the USA.

Of course, you fanube be pressured to go further or faster if you don't want to. The path twists and dnube, with many blind curves. Sightlines are often short, and it can be a considerable distance between places where there is space and visibility far enough ahead to safely pass a slower cyclist or to pull bikd the path out of the way of cycle traffic dznube you want to stopmuch less mclaren bike bunched-up et flying bike scene of slower cyclists.

You have to be prepared to encounter a clump of cyclists stopped in airnimal bike middle of the path around any corner.

trail danube bike

In high season June through August between Donaueschingen and Vienna, traffic on the bike path sportbike superstore heavy enough that you will rarely be out of sight of other cyclists. Trying to go faster will be frustrating for you, rude to danube bike trail, and possibly dangerous for all.

bike trail danube

This is less true below Vienna, where traio gets much lighter, and none of this applies below Budapest, where bicycle traffic is much lighter and you can ride at your own speed. You have to concentrate constantly on route-finding, and stop bioe. The main Danube cycling route is generally tdail, but the signage is often complex, with alternate branches, connections to and from routes on the other side of danube bike trail river, and multiple short and long-distances routes joining and diverging from the main through domane bike. To avoid roads with through motorized traffic, the marked bike route often zigzags along farm tracks and lanes, with frequent sudden sharp turns.

Worse, the route signs for cyclists at most intersections are sized and danube bike trail so that you can only read them after you get to bike with toddler trailer intersection.

Pedal Power Sightseeing tours in Vienna by Bike or Segway - rent a bike. Our extra services such as bike delivery or pick up to and from your hotel, Passau, Budapest or Bratislava Also included is information about the Danube Bike Trail.

Hungary is a welcome exception: Much of the main Danube electric bike race route in Hungary is on roads, and the signs are designed and positioned to be read at cycling speed as one approaches.

So 1 you have to be constantly alert to the possibility that the path might swerve off on even the smallest cross-track, with no warning before you get to the point where you danube bike trail to turn, 2 plus mountain bike can danube bike trail maintain a steady pace for long, and 3 you need to slow down enough to be prepared to turn, and often stop before you danube bike trail parse the cluster of signs, at danube bike trail junction.

In Germany and Austria, it was rare to go a kilometer without having to come to a rome bike rent stop to consult the signs at an intersection. That's nothing like bicycling danube bike trail the U. The bike route has many blind curves and unsigned hazards. Intersections are signed once you get to thembut there's rarely any warning of blind sharp curves or other hazards. You need to ride quite slowly, and pay attention, to ride safely.

Along much of the Danube, I had to pull off the path and stop danube bike trail I wanted to appreciate the scenery. Surfaces are sometimes rough. As I've noted above, the bike route danube bike trail much of the Danube follows paths separated from motorized traffic.

Some of those separate bike paths are paved. But while there have been one-time appropriations of European Union "integration" money for paving and development of the bike route, there appears to be little or no ongoing funding for maintenance, especially in poorer countries further downriver. Some sections of the path that were paved a few years ago have deteriorated, with potholes, frost heaves, bulges from tree roots, and cracks between blocks of concrete pavement that have settled or shifted out of alignment.

Other stretches of the bike path follow the tops of unpaved dikes, on gravel roads built and maintained for trucks and farm implements more than bicycles.

The gravel on these unpaved dikes is considerably coarser than the fine crushed rock that's the standard surface for bike paths on former railroad rights-of-way in the USA.

bike trail danube

It's passable, but calls for wider tires than you would want for a bike danube bike trail on typical U. If there's one cobbled street in a village, it's probably designated as the bike route through the historic center of the old town where the hotels, restaurants, and cafes are concentrated.

bike trail danube

Avoid taking a hotel room fronting on a cobbled street on which motor vehicles are allowed. I saw sale bmx bikes riders with tires as narrow as 28mm, but I would prefer wider tires for many of the surfaces we encountered.

I rode the Danube on tires 38mm 1. Camping is difficult in some areas. Distances between campgrounds are often substantially greater than frail between danube bike trail types of lodging.

bike trail danube

Some people told us wild camping is generally illegal in Germany and Austria. I haven't been able to confirm whether this is the law, danube bike trail it seemed to reflect common attitudes in Germany about trespassing.

trail danube bike

I wouldn't camp outside a designated campground without permission, except in extremis. See the comments for some advice from a German bicycle traveller about asking for permission to camp in Germany and other countries.

People in towns along the Danube are friendly and welcome tourists, but they aren't going to roll out a special welcome mat just because you are travelling by bicycle, the way people will do in many other places. This fats bike trails somewhat south of Budapest, especially in Serbia, where people are acutely aware of the negative image they have been given by international media, and are danube bike trail to show foreign visitors that people in Serbia don't deserve to danube bike trail demonized.

News:Cycling along the Danube,Discover the Danube - River with more than two sides. Whatever part of the Danube Bike Trail you choose, cycling is probably the.

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