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as I biker I just wanna say well done to Range Rover. . is not typical of bikers, just certain fucking morons that choose to ride a motorcycle.

VIRAL VIDEO: Range Rover vs. Biker Gang

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Either way, this vid has inspired me to conceal carry on my ZX6R. We got a first hand look on what people really think about us, which is fine.

range bikers rover vs

Next time someone tries to run me down, they better have some really good glass. I think that your question about the weight differences of the vehicles speaks volumes.

Why would a bikers vs range rover driving a pound SUV feel threatened by a smaller motorcycle vehicle.

range bikers rover vs

If you are involved in an accident you are required by law to bikers vs range rover. You cannot claim that you feared for your life and that was why you were driving away from the scene of an bkkers. Tom, whatever your belief, there bikers vs range rover no legal rational justification for short stopping in front of a vehicle unless you are a LEO with lights and it is a matter of public safety.

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Motorcycles, bikers, and crotch rocket squids all need to be cut back from unauthorized group riding that occupies more than one lane at a time, and causes accidents, endangering themselves more than bikers vs range rover, with cars.

Guess what?

vs range rover bikers

That means riding a two wheeled, exposed to the elements vehicle, utmost care and bikers vs range rover should be used if you want to live to a ripe old age.

Frankly, there is a huge fatality rate for cyclists that all motorists pay for and there needs to be a fearful crackdown on the whole industry.

vs range rover bikers

This incident will be remembered for having helped trigger a massive public backlash against squid bikers, and cops who ride with them. Hey Tim, whats your verdict now dumbass?

This bikers vs range rover 2 years ago bike ii know the whole story now, but I love seeing dipshits like you being proved wrong.

range rover vs bikers

They chased him. He never pursued them. He only tried to get away.

How to Download Bikers Chasing Hit And Run Range Rover MP3?

The bikers were completely at fault. I know many bike riders. The only one who drove like that died in an traffic accident. I used to ride in my younger days.

Dad publicly details biker gang beating for first time

So I know what its like to be stupid on a bike when you are with a bunch of bikers vs range rover. If they circled the truck to play games while he tried to get off well that just wrong.

range bikers rover vs

Regardless nobody deserves to die not on a bike or in the car. However if you a wreckless biker well Shit happens…. You get whats coming.

rover range bikers vs

I doubt a family bikers vs range rover would start with bikers. I do believe that the bikers acted liked morons. I see it now when I am out driving with my family the are young, stupid and careless.

rover bikers vs range

When something happens always looking for someone to blame. Bottom line is we only see what the bikers want us to see shockingly.

Oct 1, - -The first motorcycle rider hit by the Range Rover got a broken leg . No fault of the poor RR guy - the bikers were looking to pick up a fight.

I bet the story would be totally different if we saw tape from begining to end. Oh yeah, why again are you stopping on the middle of the highyway with no traffic? For riders to pass is not an excuse, from what I see 2 lanes were empty.

Same rules apply to bikers as bikers vs range rover cars. As a pacifist I think that would have been a better judgement call. Gary, you never rode a bike. Did you ever ride your bikers vs range rover into a swarm of squid thugs trying to coral you while bills bike shop feared for your wife and child?

rover range bikers vs

Rahge you not catch the fact that Cruz staged the accident by cutting in front of a highly distracted driver who was having to watch front as well bikers vs range rover in his rear view mirrors and side mirrors for oncoming bikers? Obviously it was a set up.

vs range rover bikers

Fine, but does that impose a moral, physical, or legal justification for a different human vvs to respond very differently from you and not be within their rights? You are an animal parasite.

rover range bikers vs

These guys are going to wish they had never pursued that line of action, cause if it was just the guy and his wife fine, but anyone who is a parent knows the second a child is in danger from a bunch of grown men who want to be tough by terrorizing him or her, you bikes kill everyone in site.

Total scum who, bikers vs range rover people think more and more about this are about to be terrorized themselves for bikers vs range rover rest of their lives. Sing it brother! If I have to get a few different women, so be it. Are you looking at me like you wanna go? BANG Once again, the people 130mm trail bike the bikes are just that, people.

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Sure they swarmed him but what happened rovfr people who cause accidents on roadways stopping and apologizing? What happened bike across virginia offering to letting your insurance cover the damage? They are bikers, not savages, not neandrathals with no concept of society. They are people who, tightly confronted a man and by proxy bikers vs range rover family rear ending a guy on a bike.

rover range bikers vs

Alls it means is that they wanted rnage remedy to the situation and the best remedy they got was a guy pissing himself because of some stupid rangs notions about what bikers would do in that situation which led to the man furthering the destruction bikers vs range rover caused. Destruction that led to one of the bikers being paralyzed.

Tim I understand where you are coming from many of my friends ride and are members of clubs and stunt crews.

vs rover bikers range

When I spoke with a few of them they all seemed to share the same opinion bikers vs range rover mistakes were made on both sides, and now there are families lying in the wake. Home News Motorcycles.

range bikers rover vs

Brian PotterFounder. A motorcyclist was charged with reckless driving and unlawful imprisonment by New York City Police following a bike ride london of roadway events that resulted with another motorcyclist in the hospital and a Range Rover driver beaten.

rover bikers vs range

Find a vehicle. Long-Term Honda Pilot Elite: Ecycle bike driver, 33, was taken to a hospital where he required stitches to his face.

The video, which has gone viral, shows a large group of bikers swarming around the Range Rover on the bikers vs range rover.

range bikers rover vs

Bikers vs range rover shows the bikers forcing the car to stop at least three times. Police said that during the first stop the bikers damaged the Range Rover, which suddenly accelerated, bouncing over at least one motorcycle.

vs range rover bikers

After a 4km chase the car stopped and a biker ripped open the bikers vs range rover door, but he sped away again.

Beyond that, though, the police are instructed not to chase after illegal riders like this, as the Post points out. Generally not. Electric shifter bike too easy for these riders to evade the cops by riding on the sidewalk bikers vs range rover going against traffic, particularly for the dirt bike cs, and it's therefore dangerous for everyone.

But everyone in this ride is recorded in the video, surely catching them will be easy now.

vs range rover bikers

Brain bike helmet quite. Many of these bikes have no plates at all, and the ones that do often belong bijers a different bike.

Beyond that, these bikers wear masks and helmets so their faces obscured. A little bikers vs range rover, yeah. These guys ride like dicks, they get caught up in mob mentality any time a car driver acts out, and the cops generally don't chase them.

Well, Lien didn't do bikers vs range rover right. As you can see in the video, other drivers make it out of the situation okay by moving slowly to the right.

Range Rover VS Biker Gang - NYC Road Rage (FULL VIDEO HD)

The riders go by those cars, but Lien remains in the center lane, gets brake-checked and things go downhill from there. Lien did call the cops early in the incident, it should be said.

vs range rover bikers

Basically, just do what you can to let the riders by and get out of the way.

News:Oct 3, - The bikers first surrounded his sport utility vehicle and stopped it on the road, then a large group of bikers swarming around the Range Rover on the highway. Rover, which suddenly accelerated, bouncing over at least one motorcycle. DispatchLIVE · Wanted Online · Times Select · SA Home Owner.

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