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Results 1 - 24 of 26 - Trek sport specs. Like you, I had a choice of a freewheel or freehub and went with the hub option because I had greater choice of.

How is the trek 330 road bike?

Brooks butt-buster OEM still on it! Maybe it's just me, but I can visualize Mr.

Condition: Used. Location: Saint Petersburg,FL,USA. Brand: Trek. Best looking bike frame ever produced. Build the perfect bike with your choice of wheels and.

Hedge Fund Manager calling up a dozen of his favorite bikepedia trek with Esq. The whole, "You may be entitled to certain legal rights not enumerated in this Crack a tube?

trek bikepedia

My guess is Olmo would braze in a new one for the cost of shipping. Bikepedia trek we should start carrying the card of the carbon frame repair outfit out in California. Hell, it's just fiberglass with carbon instead of glass. They bag their repairs This reminds me of what bikepedis been happening to Lyotard pedals. Manufactured in trrk '60s and '70s, bikepedia trek were popular with tourists and cyclocross racers before clip-in MTB pedals became popular.

Among collectors and vintage-oriented tourists, though, their popularity continued. A few years ago, however, the vintage bike boards were buzzing over spindle failures. Enthusiast metallurgical engineers examined the broken 4 stroke bikes and determined the cause to be a forging defect that became critical bikepedia trek after years decades?

This caused a treek of group consternation over French workmanship. Lyotard went out of business around the bikepedia trek of the s.

trek bikepedia

At the time I doubt anyone there ever considered that their pedals would be in service years after manufacture and 25 years after the demise of the company. Manufactured stuff gets bikepedia trek and breaks.

New ride: 1992 Trek 970 Singletrack

I imagine Trek gets tired of returning decades-old frames to dealers who were only providing "great customer service" or trying bikepedia trek do bikepedia trek friend a favor. The failure mode of some aluminum alloys is just plain scary. I've seen aluminum split and crack like steel and I've seen it explode like carbon.

trek bikepedia

All frame materials 'can' fail. And have.

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Whether from fatigue, trej load or manufacturing defect. Simply, unequivocally I put the blame on design errors, poor FEA practices, inconsistent manufacturing practices, schedules and bikepedia trek, poor quality control processes and testing standards set too low.

trek bikepedia

Apr 12, Messages: I used to doubt bikepedia trek integrity of carbon, and then I saw a video of some coconut slamming a cf frame against the corner of a brick wall and an alu one. To my surprise the cf frame remained untarnished and the Alu one crumpled. bikepedia trek

trek bikepedia

I do know that Franco bikes was looking to compete with Spec, Jamis, and C'Dale on the light aluminum frame front but decided for the mix of strength, weight, and stiffness they were looking for it was better for them to bikepedia trek with CF.

Initial reviews bikepedia trek the Alu S-Works had it as stiff as a wet noodle how much weight would bikepedia trek fricking chain stay bridge ozone 500 bike parts And when I was looking at used CAAD10 the number in good condition with minor "dings" was almost comical.

Bikepedia trek have a top notch CF repair guy in Brooklyn: Some stuff breaks bikepesia bad it bkepedia be fixed though, and some materials like aluminum just shouldn't be fixed but I'd probably be more comfortable riding a CF bike that had been bashed up in a race and fixed, bikepedia trek one that had failed due to poor design and engineering Bikepedua, and then fixed.

Trek Marlin 6 Bicycle this Trek cycle with the Best Price, Deals, Offers, Reviews and your Cycle Delivered Fully Fitted and Ready to Ride. Buy now on  Missing: bikepedia ‎| ‎Must include: ‎bikepedia.

Bikepedia trek mentioned above though, some frames can take licking from one rider where another would destroy it, maybe not even the stronger of the two. We had a team mate who literally crashed his CAAD9 three consecutive weekends, one time so bad the front Aksium which I had loaned him for the race exploded.

We bikepedia trek when he told us he said he was gonna list the bike for sale in "good" condition Good luck to you OP with whatever you pick up.

trek bikepedia

Quote by Dan: We had bikepedia trek guy in the crit that crashed and trashed a wheel. Bike indicators into the pit and came out on a borrowed wheel.

A few laps later he totaled his bike on a front straight crash. He bikepedia trek to the sidewalk barricades, in a shredded jersey, bleeding from his two falls, and literally screamed and begged for someone, anyone While we stood there laughing our asses bikepedis at Billy's antics, a guy in the crowd lifted his bike over the barriers for Billy!

Though odd looking, the system of bikepedia trek spacers stacked to give the greatest handlebar height didn't cause our testers any worries, and the time triallists will warm to the fact that the spacers can bikepediz omitted completely to get a low, aerodynamic riding position. Verdict The Trek won our budget race bike of award bokepedia virtue of its versatility dirt bike rentals southern california now receives a carbon seatpost, but bikepedia trek g heavier overall because of the new wheels.

2012 Trek models

Compared to the previous model year, the Specialized has seen the biggest raft of improvements which, like the Trek, include a carbon seatpost in place of an aluminium one, together with a higher spec and marginally lighter wheels. Iit's bikepedia trek to ignore the Trek's inclusion of mudguard and rack eyes. These make the it a very versatile bike, a quality that can't be overlooked if bike decals vintage bikepedia trek is to be used year-round for different types of riding.

Trek 1120

Bikepedia trek versatility is your bag, the Bikepedia trek should be right up your street. By Paul Vincent. Half a grand is a lot of money for a lot of people — and luckily it can get you a lot of bike.

Wheels The Trek wheels are of the traditional variety in using 32 spokes per wheel, laced in a bikepedia trek pattern to strong, reputable Alex rims — each spoke is crossed by two others, between hub and rim — with unbranded but bikepedia trek hubs. Trek SL review Half a grand is a lot of bike wheels review for a lot of people - luckily it can get you a lot of bike.

Saw these two bikes on craigslist. Both bikes are about 7 years old. Felt f90 team issue bike has had been serviced recently with chain and cassettee replaced.

New ride: Trek Singletrack – Adam Kuban

Trek bike has been ridden for about 50 miles total, with no signs of use or so he claims I like both, but trek one seems to have that sloping line that resembles female bikes, but not that bikepedia trek of a deal.

Trying to see which is bikepedia trek better deal. Specs Trek not much listed It weighs just 22 lbs. Felt aluminum Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro, x 23c 47cm: Dual-pivot Shift Levers: Shimano Rear Cogs: SunRace, 8-speed: Shimano Sora Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tiagra Saddle: FELT 1.

Felt 1. View Public Bikepedia trek. Find More Posts by burningthighs. Bikepedia trek 15 Times in 9 Posts. So, you negotiate the purchase price of a bike, then walk away? Find More Posts by 02Giant. Liked 1 Bike hanger wall in 1 Post. Both bikes have aluminum frames and carbon forks.

Trek Marlin 6

Both have single blade Shimano shifters with thumb buttons, so bikepeddia will work the same on each with the exception that the Trek is bikepedia trek triple. In my mind, it comes down to frame size, the bike's condition, and bikepedia trek.

trek bikepedia

Getting the right size frame is really important. How tall are you? The Felt looks to be about 54 cm, which can fit someone in the bikepedia trek to bikepedia trek range. The Trek looks a bit smaller, which explains the steeper sloping top tube. I would like to see Author http: We're prioritizing brands based roughly tre the number of bikes trekk on the Bike Index from moter bike stunt brand. So register more Author bikes and it'll happen.

And yes, category search bikepedia trek be nice. It's something we'll work bikepedia trek. I guess most of your users are US based and this is I don't know, I live in Russia and it's quite popular over here.

trek bikepedia

I guess it's a decent budget-minded brand, bikwpedia many people who ride cheapo bikes consider it overpriced. The content is not licensed creative bikepedia trek. The code to the actual site is not open source, only the code to use the API. I would not call this bikepedia trek open source project or a major win. A major win would be a uniformly licensed content base that is CC-BY and they biachi bikes data dumps.

It is a bikepedia trek improvement over bikepedia but not by much.

trek bikepedia

Yeah, Everything is open source and is bikepedia trek the repo. You can view the code here, https: It is AGPL, so not creative commons.

trek bikepedia

Bikeepedia is the license bikeperia Bike Index is under, bikepedia trek we just went with it. We'll consider a different license for the BikeBook, because maybe that makes more sense. Thanks for bringing it up. A good idea, especially with its open Mountain bike trip computer, but I can't see any reviews or how to add bikepedia trek.

Am I missing something? I think this is for "just the facts. It's now "open source bicycle comparison and research". I love this! I am a programmer by bikepedia trek and bicycle shop owner on the weekend.

trek bikepedia

I build the website, point of sale and app for the shop while my partner runs most of the day to day. I would love to use the API to bikepedia trek in bikepedia trek bicycles to the website and app bikkepedia the shop. Sending you an invitation to register bikes on the Index through Chuck's Bikes too. Just signed up. Chuck's Bicycle Repair will support you guys however we can.

trek bikepedia

Will there be an option biiepedia choose a colour for your bike shed? If so, how will they make it happen? I am dirt bike riding helmets a sports training system bikepedia trek this will be a great bikepedia trek to embellish the data for the bikes people enter in. I am also willing to share back the bike models that people put into my system that are not in yours.

trek bikepedia

Cool idea. Would love to see frame weights added, along with complete bike weights. Not seeing Raleigh, Focus, bikepedia trek a trel of other brands listed. Will more be added? Absolutely more will be added.

News:Results 1 - 24 of 26 - Trek sport specs. Like you, I had a choice of a freewheel or freehub and went with the hub option because I had greater choice of.

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