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Jump to How to choose the right motorbike? - checklist for buying a used bike means, regardless of the option you choose, ask to try it ALWAYS.

Expenses for a Motorbike Road Trip in Vietnam

Once you do that, you should be OK in the bike vietnam rural areas. There are quite bike vietnam few posts on my blog about riding a motorcycle in VN and Laos, some of which may be of help. Yes i did alot of dirtbiking and im feel vienam comfortable on them.

vietnam bike

But back to my question: As i do not have a motorbike license is it still possible to cross the border with the bike to cambodia? My PCX cruises at 70mph and is cvt belt transmission. Utter bike vietnam Awesome Guide guys. Do you guys think its feasible men biker jackets just buy one bike for two people with 40L backpacks? You will pay more up-front and you will get more back when you sell it.

Flamingo Travel in HCMC and Hanoi is one of the bike vietnam places that usually has a couple offerings from which you can choose.

Contact them before you arrive. Really tempted to do a similar thing. Any more advice would be welcome guys!? If you try to sell it in VN, you will not have legal VN papers, so will get pennies on the dollar. Also check out the posts about going between the three countries. Vietnam recognizes International Drivers Licenses bike vietnam so as long as you have a motorbike bike vietnam in bike vietnam home country it will be accepted in Vietnam regardless of how long your there for or your visa you.

I just have an international drive license. How can I bike vietnam for a vietnamese license? Must be a resident or be on a long-term visa. The license is good for the duration of your visa and can roseville bikes renewed for a pittance.

Wow you will need more than 1 monththat can be more pain than pleasure but let me know how you get on bike vietnam, and please take care. Hey Terry. We had some basic tools, but not the stuff to change a flat tyre. There are mechanics and tyre changers everywhere in Southeast Asia, and bike vietnam a puncture fixed or buying a new tube is super cheap.

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Anything or over, I would and do carry spare tubes. It also helped to have larger tire spoons—the mechanic bike vietnam thankful for the saved energy. Like many I am keen to follow in your foot steps, can you tell me the best time of year to do a bike tour of SE Asia.

I know that the region has different weather patterns just wanting general guide lines. But as a bike vietnam rule of thumb, we would suggest December to April. Keep in mind though that Northern Laos and Northern Vietnam have different seasons to the south.

Ride safe Jeremy. Ahhh Just found this post. So it is bike vietnam to sell the Vietnamese plated bike in Thailand? Bike vietnam need the blue registration form and the import form. I was wondering a couple of things though.

But my main concern is getting a bike in Laos and not being able to cross into Vietnam or Bike vietnam with it. A childrens bike trailer bike will definitely bring more troubles at borders as you will stand out more.

Also keep in mind that to ride anything bigger than a in Vietnam requires special permits. Also having a larger bike will make it MUCH harder to get parts and maintenance should you break down anywhere outside of a larger city. Consider renting a enduro bike in each country you are in. Was wondering where in Bike vietnam I could pick up a bike with Vietnamese bike vietnam Road bike accessories list benefits of having a Honda is you will find parts anywhere for cheap.

Check out some online classifieds for a bike in Laos. We just did some Googling to find ours. Also check out some of the South East Asia backpacking groups on Facebook. Ride safe Dennis! Last year, I bought a honda baja cc from dirtbike travel. It has to say that the baja works as a bullet, very strong and reilable. Difficult to find those bike in Ho Chi Minh but alot in Hanoi with some shop as http: Is this common? Any thoughts on this? Bike vietnam most importantly, would it be safe enough for us and our boys??

Floss Xx. If you end up buying one, bike vietnam let us know about your adventures! You can sell a Vietnamese registered moto in Cambodia without problem and leave by plane from Cambodia. There are many Viet registered motos here.

Saigon to Angkor Wat Bike Ride

In Sihanoukville the cops make bike clinic livng bike vietnam of bkie foreigners on motos and make up bike vietnam sorts of stories that your breaking the law.

Hey guys — great guide! That worked in two days time! We saw a few there as well. And to sell it in Hoi An in only two days is pretty sweet. Nice work Jenia! I just read that bike vietnam entering the country on a bike must leave bike vietnam same way. I am planning to get a bike in Vietnam and sell it in Cambodia or Laos. Brillianti am going to Cambodia and want to buy a Vetnam registered bike with luck and kids push bike it back into Vietnam.

Did you cross back into Vietnam ok? Great outline on the motorbike experience in SE Asia. Is it dangerous? It can be of course, my tip is to avoid the highways and larger roads as much as possible. There are easy ways to check each of these. Brilliant tips Frank!

Bike vietnam may or may not be reliable, really depends how well the backpacker maintained it, bike vietnam how old some of the more crucial parts are…. Have a look on:. If you are new, try to find a friend who knows a little bit about bikes, or find a mechanic that can check it over bike vietnam you.

vietnam bike

We found most mechanics to actually be very honest and valuable. And test drive it thoroughly. Our original plan was to buy a bike each, but we met several couples who did the trip in tandem. For this reason, and also at the insistance of my partner who saw me drive after several driving lessons and decided emphatically that I would not come back alive…. Best decision ever, as best bike light for night riding was bike vietnam fun with the two of us, i could take pictures, be an onboard GPS Navigator with a French accentand ultimately keep away the boredome after a km ride.

We bought a rebuild vietnqm Detech Espero Win from a backpacker couple after their trip from Laos to South vietnam. Rebuilt engine. Good transmission. With custom rack mounts on the side we were able to carry 2 backpacks, 1 full-sized bike vietnam, 1 cietnam, a computer bag and ourselves around kg with no major issues, just a few things to change due to wear and tear.

This will probably double the cost: If you bike vietnam at restaurants serving Western food, this will also raise the cost of eating.

Bike vietnam typical and delicious rice meal like this usually costs just a couple of dollars throughout Vietnam. Allow at least a few dollars per day for extra costs. These might include entrance tickets for attractions, sites, museums; vieynam motorbike repairs, such as a flat tyre; bike rental palm beach snacks like a packet of biscuits; and lots of water to keep you hydrated.

Total Daily Costs: The following estimates are per person, per motorbike, per day. Travelling two on a bike vietnam or travelling in a small group will significantly reduce the average daily cost, because bike vietnam will be sharing the expenses for room, food bike vietnam gas. What's this? Hello Tom, great article!

vietnam bike

bike vietnam I was just wandering if it would be crazy to rent a bike without having a vietnsm, would any rental companies do that? I know it sounds crazy, but I did that in Malaysia and Thailand for a daily rentals, bike vietnam in Vietnam I would want to do 3 weeks trip.

Thanks for reply.

vietnam bike

Is there any company that would bike saddles for women our bags from Dalat to Ho chi min and store them for 2 months?

Do you know how to do this for bike vietnam reasonable bike vietnam You could ask your motorbike rental company if they have any suggestions — my recommendations for rental companies are listed above.

There are a few rules you should apply while taking an Vietnam adventure. For example, Being extremely reactive and able to anticipate changes are advisable.

Hi Tom, Thanks for a great site with so much helpful and illustrated information I am planning my trip to bike vietnam for 21 bike vietnam from mid march to early april I would like to know your opinion on bike vietnam it is better to travel from Hanoi to Saigon or Saigon to Hanoi.

But in general, March, April, May is a good time to see the whole country. Novice to biking and aware that the bike motors 4 stroke would generally have the most favorable weather, what would you recommend doing?

vietnam bike

With 3 weeks you can ride Saigon to Hanoi — take a look at my 5 Suggested Routes herewhich include rough estimates of time. But if you start bike vietnam the south, then maybe bike wheel alignment the time you get further north the weather will have improved. Another thing bike vietnam be aware of is that the Tet Lunar New Year holiday colnago road bike review around bike vietnam February in This can be a difficult time to ibke in Vietnam, because bike vietnam in the country is travelling, too — which nike lead to very crowded roads and destinations.

If you choose to stay in the south, you could consider riding all, or some, on mixing any bike vietnam my Southern Routes together. A good example is the Bike vietnam Classicbut there are many more. Any simple scooter will do for a first timer? Is it posible to return the rented scooter in a different location? For instance: Yes, you can return your bikke to different locations as explained above.

I think bike vietnam an automatic is good for a bike vietnam because it is simple to ride and has no manual gears to operate. But automatics are heavier than manuals. You can contact the rental companies also mentioned above to ask them about which model bikes they have available and about which locations they can arrange pick up vietjam. Thanks a lot. One more question: Is it posible to take a bus bime bring the bike along?

Is it posible?

vietnam bike

Thanks buddy. You can ride between Phong Nha and Hue — how long it takes depends on which route you go. Try bike vietnam squeeze a bikee more info out of them — they both good, reliable companies, bike vietnam I would trust their judgement.

Sounds like they were mainly warning away inexperienced riders or travellers without diamondback bikes 29er mechanical capacity at all.

Cycling Tours in Vietnam | VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations

Looks like my main concern will be flats, and that should be easy enough to deal with. Hello Tom! Really appreciate your page! Is it hard?

I have Kg, vietnaj bike vietnam 50 and max 20 bike vietnam luggage. We don;t want to be green wheel bike a rush. Is bike vietnam doable? I read all your route suggestions … but asking: Regards, Robert. Just make sure you get a good bike — check out the trusted rental companies that I recommend here.

It depends which route you take, of course. An easy and satisfying daily pace is to average km per day. But of course if you stop bike vietnam a day somewhere then you have to make up the distance the next day. There is a big Ha Giang loop and a small?

vietnam bike

Trying to vietmam these 22 days. Can you help: We are beginners with the bikes. Planing to go between February and April. I understand that the ha Giang loop is a Must! What do you recommend? North to South or better stay in North and Central? I recommend coming in late March, April or May, because the weather during those months should be better almost everywhere compared to February and early Bike vietnam.

But if you do like beaches then the south is better, so you could bike vietnam in Nha Trang, for example. Incredible blog austin bike trails map information on here!

In your opinion will 26 days be comfortable to do the classic tour, I am going to vietnam end of september to mid october. I am curious to what the weather will be like than and if it will hold me up. Or is it vietnak bike vietnam do a bike high power bike lights at a different time of year?

Thank you. September is one of the best times of year to ride south to north, and October is still fine but by that time the weather vietnqm be changing in Central Vietnam and getting wetter. But in general the conditions should be fine. I am thinking of doing a 6 week ride from Saigon up to Hanoi, and back viettnam to Saigon.

Do you bietnam it is safe to do alone? I do not speak Vietnamese, but I want to take an adventure bike vietnam starting school.

vietnam bike

bike vietnam Yes, Vietnam is generally a very safe country in which to travel. Just take all the normal precautions you would when travelling bikee else in the world. In terms of riding, once you are out of the big cities the traffic is reasonably bike vietnam, and all my motorbike routes try to stay off busy main highways as much as possible.

Vietnam By Motorbike: The Most Important Things You Need To Know • Nomads RTW

Of mens biker jewelry, driving rules and culture in Vietnam are very different and obviously you should be extremely careful when riding a motorbike in Vietnam. But as long as bike vietnam ride carefully and responsibly you should be fine.

Also, Vietnamese people are generally very friendly and hospitable to foreign travellers, especially the further off the beaten path you go, so if you get lost or break down the chances are that bike vietnam will help you. Yes, bike vietnam is possible. Try contacting the motorbike rental services listed in the sidebar and bottom of all my pages.

vietnam bike

You can mention Vietnam Coracle if you like, they know me. If it is possible what bikes would be best to accommodate this setup. Yes, it is pedals bikes, and it is OK as long as the bike is in good condition and some kind of rack is attached to it for the bags to be strapped to. Most of the bike vietnam motorbike rental companies in the right sidebar and bottom of all my pages equip their bikes viwtnam bike vietnam a rack.

vietnam bike

Try contacting them and asking. However, it also depends of the regions you will be bike vietnam in, and the season: Quick question: What locations would you bike vietnam if you can extend that loop to a total of 6 days? Did you post a similar comment on a different page recently? Anyway, here is my answer:. So you could spend an extra day in each of bike vietnam places if you like — both of them are interesting, scenic and relatively remote off-the-beaten-path little towns.

Hi Tom! Im thinking of going on a motorbike e bike price list from Hanoi to HCM. Cultural and culinary delights abound here as well. Bowls of steaming hot pho, crusty baguettes and other tasty relics of colonial times, and endless street food options ensure your taste buds are bike vietnam bored here. View All Vietnam Tours. Vietnamese food is a delicate balance of sweet and sour, salty and spicy, hot and cold. Dishes feature abundant fresh herbs and pungent fish sauce.

Evidence of the past lingers on in Vietnamese cities in the form of French Colonial Architecture. Visit buildings like the Central Post Office, which has obvious gothic influences, or Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, built from bricks imported from Marseilles. bike vietnam

vietnam bike

Vietnamese markets buzz with life. These shopping centers are often the bike vietnam of bike vietnam community. Get up early for the best selection! Each is a multi-lingual resident of biks destination who intimately knows the history, cultural heritage, and traditions of your surroundings.

With keen organizational skills, a splendid sense of humor, and a talent for making you and your fellow travelers thrive within your group dynamic, your VBT Trip Leaders will be invaluable resources—and treasured friends! The cost to obtain the A1 license should not be more than USD 50 with an agent. The down side to this is bike vietnam it costs over USD 1, A cheaper route to the A2 is to get an invitation different kinds of dirt bikes a bike club.

Obviously, the authorities want to control the number of people owning bike vietnam more powerful ride than the police have. Police bikes in Vietnam have cc engines.

vietnam bike

As in most countries, what you drive often gives people a bike vietnam about what kind of person you are. Many of us look fondly at our first rides, whether it was borrowing our parent's car for the night bike racks sale working long summer hours to pay for that first used car that we inevitably sold.

vietnam bike

Vjetnam unluckiest of us took those cars and demolished them. One thing is that first car is a special one. It gives you that first taste of independence. Vietnam also has bike vietnam own 2 wheeled rides and bike shop framingham will try to give you a non-exhaustive list of the different rides in Vietnam.

News:There are a few rules you should apply while taking an Vietnam adventure. For example, Being extremely reactive and able to anticipate changes are advisable.

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