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Jensen first became interested in stunt riding from watching YouTube videos of a Swedish winner of the Czech Stunt Day and MBE Verona, Italy (Motor Bike Expo), winner at . Top gamers reveal how to choose the tech that's right for you.

Dave McKenna’s motorcycle stunt tips

Then a video shot by his flatmate showing MacAskill performing a biker planet of gravity- and sense- defying cycle stunts on the city's streets — most notably, a head-high leap before pedalling nonchalantly along a set of spiked-fence railings — was uploaded to YouTube.

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mongoose bike company It has now been viewed almost 24m times, thanks in part to enthusiastic tweeting from Lance Armstrong. MacAskill has bike stunt youtube a flotilla of sponsors and a globe-trotting job showing off his skills at public displays, on television and — occasionally — for advertisements.

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And despite the dare-devil nature of bike essentials kit stunts, he's had remarkably few injuries, although he has broken his collarbone three times.

With a new film to promote showing the effort involved in planning his stunts — MacAskill's work is always beautifully shot, with a far gentler pace than you would normally expect for a video of bike tricks — I have been youtubbe to the concrete walkways of London's South Bank to meet MacAskill and, bike stunt youtube PR people breathlessly promise, "learn a few of bike stunt youtube tricks".

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Trials riding, with elements of extreme cycling and mountain biking, youtue a small sport with a passionate following. Cyclists maneuver over obstacles with nothing touching the ground but their tires. bike stunt youtube

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MacAskill has been credited with carving a niche called street trials riding because he cycles in urban locations and has added tricks to his repertory. As his reputation grew, offers from cycling event organizers began to roll in.

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He built his inch stunt bicycle with components from an assortment of A-list parts makers and frames supplied by Inspired Bicyclesan English firm specializing in bike stunt youtube bikes. After MacAskill made an appearance in early in Birmingham, England, he and his friend Iain Withers formed ykutube Clanan all-Scottish stunt cycle team that began performing at trade shows, events and schools.

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Withers said he knew of MacAskill but did bike stunt youtube see him in action until But positive thinking goes only so far. MacAskill broke his collarbone in a fall as he turned a corner during a visit to San Diego in October.

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That was bike stunt youtube after he terrified friends by clowning around on his bike on a lookout by the Hoover Dam. Over the years, he has torn ligaments in his ankles, dislocated fingers, broken his right wrist and been a fixture in X-ray rooms around Britain.

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I'm guessing it's legal bike stunt youtube back in when we visited the Naval base, they had organized a stunt show for the viewers. Originally Posted by Bike stunt youtube Law is open to translation for cops. There's even a challaan for arguing with police officer, I saw it in a challan book in Punjab, it was written as 'misbehaving with police officer'. On the other hand, any sane person would consider a few things: So stunting on road with traffic makes zero sense.

Again, no stunts on public roads, you don't want to be in the middle of a wheelie and have a vehicle strike you in the middle of it.

How Danny MacAskill's bike tricks have become a YouTube hit

It only adds a layer of protection. This decline and subsequent new phase of the sport's development into an independently driven industry was notably referenced in the introduction to the BMX video Ride On directed by Eddie Roman.

Freestyle Bike stunt youtube riders participate in several well-established disciplines.

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Street riders make use of urban and public spaces to perform tricks. These tricks can bike stunt youtube performed on curbs, handrails, stairs, ledges, banks, and other obstacles.

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Styles among street riders vary, as riders often depend upon their own urban surroundings. BMX street rose to prominence as an increasingly bike stunt youtube discipline in the late s.

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In modern BMX, the progression of more technical tricks on street obstacles has led to this discipline becoming more divided from other freestyle disciplines. BMX bikes aimed at street riding typically have steeper angles and shorter wheelbases, making them easier to maneuver, bike stunt youtube less stable at the youtkbe speeds associated with ramp and dirt riding.

A Stunt Cyclist’s Tour de Fence

Within street BMX there are a handful of competitions, however the majority of professional street riders tend to focus on making bike stunt youtube for DVDs bike stunt youtube YouTube videos on behalf of their sponsors. Only a handful of riders tend to focus on etunt, with competition courses and bike shop carmichael sponsorships not considered 'core' street riding by many riders.

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One rider that has succeeded in both competitions and video projects is Garret Reynolds. Park denotes the BMX discipline of exclusively riding skateparks, bike stunt youtube with biike emphasis on riding bowl transitions or ramp jumps.

Skateparks are used by BMX riders as well as skateboarders, inline skaters and freestyle scooter-riders.

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Skateparks themselves can be made of woodconcrete or metal. Styles of riding will depend gainesville fl bike shops the style of the parks. Wood is more bike stunt youtube to a flowing style, with riders searching for gaps and aiming to get the highest airs from the coping.

Concrete parks usually tend to contain bowls and pools.

Mike Jensen: Stuntriding **Red Bull Athlete Page**

However, it is not unusual for riders to merge the two styles in either type of park. Concrete parks are commonly built outdoors due to their ability to withstand years of exposure to the bike stunt youtube of conditions.

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Concrete parks are also often publicly funded due to their permanent and low cost nature in comparison to wood parks. Kawasaki Z Pro in shock recall.

Choose your favourite stunt bike simulator map and get ready for almost endless motorcycle stunt games.

Dangerous roadworks remain. Would you be able to provide an estimate costing for a prosed event please my mobile: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email bike stunt youtube will not be published. Hey there! Did you know that we have an online shop full of great stuff!

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