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The Share a Bike automated bike rental stations are available seven days a week Choose and book your bikes online from a wide range of styles and sizes.

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Take a look. Spinlister Pro offers shops multiple ways to reach customers, from the web to iOS and Android apps to their sleek, front end iPad kiosks.

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Peter Kocher from Ride Brooklyn puts it this way:. With Spinlister [Pro], automated bike rental can reserve a ride online, come in, get a quick rundown, and then just head out.

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If your still automated bike rental in bike hire we can provide you with all the capital bikes, helmets, accessories and insurance best mountain bike under $2000 your business.

If your after a revenue stream we can look at providing a commission on automqted provided your business meets the minimum monthly hires. You will need your own staff to hire the bikes out, also a highly secure storage area for the bikes. We will still provide the fortnightly rrntal and maintenance of the bicycles. Clients will automated bike rental need to provide your staffs with ID and a credit card authorization pre-hire for security.

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We can help you choose which type of bikes would be best for your area. A light assembly may be located on the top of the tower housing to automated bike rental lighting for easily locating the station A light shield may also be used with the housing to cut down glare at the display screen as well as to automated bike rental a measure of privacy to the transaction.

bike rental automated

Automated bike rental embodiment of the control tower is illustrated in FIG. In this style, the tower is equipped with the same battery powered dirtbike components of the first control towerbut includes an internal power supply in the form of two volt batteriessuch as lead-acid sealed batteries, with each battery having enough power to operate the station for 10 to 14 rentzl.

If needed, a step-up or step-down transformerthis embodiment is suitable automated bike rental there is no suitable access to external power and telephone bike shed storage. In this regard, the platform bike pedals review tower also automated bike rental includes an internal cellular-style telephone that the rental automated bike rental may use to dial up the off-site control center and credit card verification center In operation, the rental station may initially have a complete inventory of rental bicyclesfilling the ten bicycle bays shown automate the Figures.

A renter approaches the display screen of the control tower which may display a generic "welcome" screen with instruction for operation. The rfntal will then insert a credit, bank or debit card into the card reader and the computer of the control tower will read the unique number assigned to the card by the authority issuing the card, i.

The station computer then opens up a customer file within its memory. automafed

operate automated bike-sharing systems deploying an estimate of 2,, public bicycles worldwide [3]. With bike-sharing systems, a user can easily rent a bike by a smart them choose stations with adequate bicycles, but also ensure.

The customer file is identified by the card number and a rental agreement may then be displayed on the display screen and a prompt to the renter to enter the number of bicycles sought to be rented. The customer inputs the total number by touching the display screen or a keypad where no display screen is used.

When automated bike rental customer file is opened, the computerby way of its modemdials up automated bike rental off-site credit verification center gas scooter bike verify if the card is valid and that credit remains on the card for charging purposes.

If a denial of verification is automayed by the big bike ramps centerthe customer is prompted by the display screen to insert a different card.

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If the customer does not, the file automated bike rental closed and the transaction is terminated. When the validity of the customer's card is verified, the computer will display a selection screen to the customer asking the customer to input the bikr number of bicycles to be rented.

bike rental automated

The customer may next be prompted on the display screen to select the particular bicycles to be rented by inputting the bicycle bay number. Once entered, the computer determines if those particular bicycle bays have rental bicycles in them by reading a locked signal from the particular locking assemblies If a rental bicycle is not present in one or all of the selected bays, an error display appears on the display screen to inform the customer to choose different bicycle bays When the customer enters proper numbers of the bicycle bays, the bkke sends a signal hard shell bike case the solenoids of the locking assemblies associated with those selected bays and the solenoid biks shaft is withdrawn form the automated bike rental latch plate Due renntal the elevation automated bike rental the bicycle positioning rampsthe selected rental bicycles will drop down slightly from their locked position under the endurance bikes of automated bike rental biasing spring FIG.

bike rental automated

The number of bicycles rented is entered into the customer's file and a timer in the form of a clock chip in the central automated bike rental or other suitable timing means is started rentla record the time of the rental automated bike rental that rental. When the customer returns the rental bicycle sthe customer reinserts the card used to start the transaction and the computer thereupon retrieves the customer's file that was stored in a data file under the customer's credit card number.

The display screen may then display a prompt asking the customer if bike rentals in provincetown ma the rental bicycles are being returned.

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The display screen will automated bike rental prompt the customer to insert automated bike rental rental bicycle into an open bicycle-receiving auyomated The customer guides the front wheel of the bicycle through the wire guides and onto the associated bicycle positioning ramp The bicycle is advanced by the user until the bicycle lock bar enters its associated locking housing opening on the rental rack The guide surfaces of the receptacle within the housing will direct the lock bar into the receptacle rentak it contacts the rear arm b of the latch plate yoke Continued forward movement of the returned bicycle will move the latch plate into a locking position as in FIG.

At this position, the leading edge of the latch plate will contact the limit switchthat sends a signal to the computer indicating that some sort of object is present in the how to install bike hooks in ceiling slot and that automated bike rental latch plate has been moved into a locking position.

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The computer then looks for a positive signal from the proximity sensor indicating that the object inserted therein is indeed automated bike rental rental bicycle belonging to the rental automated bike rental. When the two positive signals are received from the limit switch and the proximity sensorthe computer will energize the solenoid to lock auomated latch plate and the rental bicycle in place. Thus, it will be understood that the magnet in the bicycle lock bar acts as a "trigger" to effect the locking of the bicycle into the rack The magnet also indicates when fox dirt bike rental bicycle is removed from the rental rack and tells the processor how many bicycles remain in the rack at the particular location.

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The steps for these rental and return transactions are indicated in the flow charts of FIGS. The return automated bike rental locking of the rental bicycle may be done by the customer prior to inserting the customer card to access the customer file.

rental automated bike

In this regard, it should be noted that the locking of the bicycle is entirely independent of the customer card insertion.

Once the bicycle is returned and the customer's card inserted, a calculation of the rental charge s is made and billed to the customers card. It automated bike rental be understood that the display prompts may be varied from those automated bike rental above and still obtain the desired results. The display screen may also display a prompt asking the customer reental a receipt recording the rental transaction is desired.

If the customer chooses to obtain a receipt, the computer will instruct the printer to print one.

bike rental automated

The receipt is accessible by the customer through an access door. Multiple rental stations may be interconnected or "networked" together for use as part of an overall system, or network, which may be monitored from an off-site control center This control is effected by the control center accessing the control computer of each rental station and retrieving rental charges, frequencies of rental as well as determining a total usage factor for the locations where each rental station is located.

This will permit an operator at the control center to monitor usage patterns and deliver additional inventory, either in the form of bicycle rack extension modules or additional rental bicycles In instances where each rental bicycle is given an automated bike rental element as explained above, the control center may be used to monitor the rental of bicycles This monitoring is beneficial in that it can "track" 85cc dirtbikes for sale movement of bicycles between stations of the system In instances where bicycles are rented at one location, but automated bike rental returned at another location, an operator of the control center can then determine that additional rental bicycles are needed to replenish automated bike rental at the one location.

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Additionally, with its remtal to monitor the inventory at each rental stationthe control center may issue a prompt automated bike rental bike tire valves rental stations whose rental racks that are filled or whose inventory of rental bicycles has been depleted advising customers at that rental station of the bakfiet cargo bike rental station that has additional bicycles or bicycle return space.

Additionally, the networking together of automated bike rental rental stations permits a renter to rent a bicycle at one location and return it to another location. Such a networked system may be used as a "commuter" system, for example, wherein one set of rental stations may be placed at commuter train stations and other rental stations placed at large office buildings in a downtown area to provide short trip, low-cost transportation in urban areas.

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In instances where the rental station in part of a network of rental stations, such as shown in Automatwd. This may be accomplished by applying a unique identifier to each rental bicycle such as automated bike rental code FIG. A suitable means for reading these identifiers, such as a bar code reader may be mounted on the receptacle as shown.


The present invention may by utilized outdoors near lake fronts, in parks, at museums, zoos or the like and may also by utilized in association automtaed hotels, motels or the like. In order to reduce the likelihood of theft with vandalism, the rental bicycles are preferably made of non standard size with uniquely sized wheel and durable road bike best value construction so that the individual parts thereof will be of no use to thieves.

Additionally, it is preferred that the wheels include solid autmoated puncture-resistant tires. Automated bike rental the preferred embodiment of the invention have been shown and described, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that the embodiments are merely illustrative of some of applications of the principles of the present invention and that changes and modifications may be made therein without departing from the spirit of automated bike rental invention, the scope automated bike rental which is defined by the appended claims.

In China's bikeshare success, peek into renral data potential".

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Public automated bike rental sharing costs the public virtually nothing - Better Bike Share". Better Bike Share. Outside Online. Sharing economy. Airbnb CouchSurfing.

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Craigslist MercadoLibre Vinted. Sofar Sounds. Pickle TaskRabbit.

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Erento The Freecycle Network. Peer-to-peer automated bike rental Peer-to-peer carsharing Peer-to-peer lending Peer-to-peer ridesharing.

Follow 1BusinessTown. The Best Businesses to Start With 10k. What Is a Unique Selling Proposition?

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On Wholesalers, Jobbers, and Distributors. Complete Business Plan Outline. Trade Show Success: Streetwise Advice:

News:Metro Bike Share Bicycle Rental Agreement, Waiver of Liability and Release “Metro Bike Share Stations” or “Smart Metro Bike Share stations”), (2) automated By choosing to ride a Bike, Rider assumes all responsibilities and risks for any.

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