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C size used for modern high performance road bikes for smaller riders and triathlon bikes. mm, 26x to 26x, Most modern mountain bikes and.

Bike tire size

A bicycle wheel is a wheel, most commonly a wire wheel, designed for a bicycle. A pair is often . (found on higher end BMX hubs and some mountain bike hubs) .. Spokes are also available in titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber. . inch clincher tires (with inner tubes) are the most common wheel size for junior.

At first glance, it appears that the difference between a inch wheel and a inch wheel is just 2 inches of diameter. However, the difference in size is rarely exactly 2 inches, due to varying widths and depths of the tires used. Affordable hybrid bike addition, the intended purposes, wheel material and bicycle style of biike wheels vary significantly.

Most bike frames fit only one size of wheel, or two very similar sizes of wheels. The inch wheels and inch wheels are dissimilar enough that you should not try to switch one for the other. The inch wheels are too nich to 21 inch bike tires in a frame for inch wheels, while the brake assembly on a bike using inch wheels will not reach far enough to work with inch 21 inch bike tires.

In the U. People who deal with older and more obscure bike types have to worry about this stuff, as there are some hike that look like they will fit, but don't.

inch tires 21 bike

However there are only a handful of tyre sizes in common use for adult bikes in the UK. Far 21 inch bike tires away the most common size for road bike wheels is usually referred to as C and shiny bike a bead seat diameter of mm.


The 'C' bit comes from a traditional French wheel standard based on the outer diameter of the inflated tyre, mm. Originally, C tyres were quite fat, to get the tyre to mm across, so ETRTO and C describe the same wheel size but mm is the actual measurement 21 inch bike tires the 21 inch bike tires while C describes the outer diameter of the tyre. There's a big range of tyre widths now available for mm rims: The big-wheeled mountain bikes known as 29ers also use this size, so there are off-road tyres up to a whopping 75mm wide.

As mentioned above, expedition touring bikes also occasionally use the inch tyre size popularized by mountain bikes in the s, which has a bead seat diameter of mm. Some bikes intended for junior cool biker jackets smaller riders use a different inch size, C, with a mm bead seat diameter, and you very occasionally encounter yet another alleged inch size, A with a mm bead seat diameter. Another 21 inch bike tires variant, B, is popular for mountain bikes and has a bead seat diameter of mm; Cannondale uses this size for its Slate gravel bike and British framebuilder and road.

The CTC recommends the ideal relationship between a rim and tyre as being about 1.

inch bike tires 21

Rims measuring 15 to 17mm across are the most common used for road bikes and accommodate tyres ranging in width from 23 to 50mm. Schwalbe has produced this handy table which lists recommended tyre and rim width combinations. While you might be able to fit wider tyres to your 21 inch bike tires, you might not necessarily have clearance in the frame and fork to accommodate the wider tyres.

27.5" Vs 29" Mountain Bike Wheels - The Wheel Size Debate Continues

A bike manufacturer usually specifies a maximum width tyre for each model in its range, with a safe range of clearance between the tyre and frame, and you can normally find this information 21 inch bike tires its website.

The width of the rim can impact the width of the tyre.

inch bike tires 21

2 A 25mm tyre fitted to a wide rim can actually measure 27mm across, and it's a trick that some manufacturer have recently employed with their latest endurance bikes. That depends on the width of your current tyres and if your frame and rim will accept wider tyres. 21 inch bike tires wider tyres is a common upgrade and even going from 23mm to 25mm, or 28mm to 32mm, can 21 inch bike tires a noticeable change in the ride quality of the bike.

bike tires inch 21

Now hopefully you'll have the information to choose the right width tyres for your wheels and bike. David has worked on the road. Previously he was editor of Bikemagic. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, bikf only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is new bikes for 2016 frequent road racer but is too lazy to do 21 inch bike tires well.

He currently resides in the Cotswolds.

Motorcycle Tire Guide and FAQ - RevZilla

Ihch tyres were worn out at 3, miles so I replaced them with the same tyre but in bike the whites mm. Even when I accidentally smacked a patch of 21 inch bike tires or a pothole they absord it SO much better, they feel just as fast, too.

tires 21 inch bike

I'm definitely a convert! Usually run 32s on my commuter, torn tyre meant I swapped back to 25s for a couple of days last week.

Mar 15, - Maximum tire width is dependent on two main factors, clearance at the Mud or other debris should also be considered for mountain bikes and.

Think I'll probably stick with the 32s for Ride London, added comfort will probably mean a faster ride over that distance. I normally ride GPs in a 25 on most of my "fast" bikes.

Just come back from a ride with the kids - 20 miles, average God tirex comfortable and forgiving. I'm sure it's quicker on longer rides just for plushness and mountain bike full suspension of fatigue.

Better bike shops have a copy. The traditional sizing systems are based on a measurement of the outside diameter of a tire. This would usually be measured in inches 26", 27", etc. Unfortunately, 21 inch bike tires of tires and rims has made these inhc lose contact with reality. Here's how it works: Let's start with the 26 x 2.

This size tire is very close to 26 inches in actual diameter. Some 21 inch bike tires, however were dissatisfied with these tires, and wanted something a bit lighter and faster. The industry responded by making "middleweight" tires marked 26 x 1. This same rim size was adopted by the early pioneers of west-coast "klunkers", and became the standard for mountain bikes.

A sportbike quick shifter number or letter code would indicate the width of the tire. Inch-based designations sometimes express the width 21 inch bike tires a decimal 26 x 1. This is the most common cause of mismatches.

Bicycle wheel

Although 2 size designations are mathematically equal, they refer to different size tires, which are NOT interchangeable. It is dangerous to generalize when talking about tire sizing, but I would confidently state the following:. If two tires are marked with sizes that badass biker names mathematically equal, but one is expressed as a decimal and the other as a fraction tirees, these two tires will not be interchangeable. Competitive 21 inch bike tires have often led to inaccuracy in width measurement.

Suppose you are in the market for a high-performance x 25 tire; you might reasonably investigate catalogues and 21 inch bike tires to try to find the lightest available.

inch tires 21 bike

If the Inchh Tire Company and the Coke Tire Company had tires of equal quality and technology, but the Pepsi was actually a marked as a 25, the Pepsi tire would be lighter than 21 inch bike tires accurately-marked Coke vike This would put Pepsi at a competitive advantage. In self defense, Coke would retaliate by marketing an even lighter labeled as a This scenario prevailed throughout the '70's and '80's.

The situation got so out-of-hand that cooler heads have prevailed, and there is a strong but not universal trend toward bike gates width measurements.

tires 21 inch bike

The ISO system 21 inch bike tires two numbers. The first is width in millimeters. These figures are useful for setting your cycle-computer and precisely calculating gears.

Half of the bead diameter i. By comparing this dimension you can see if the brakes will reach when a different size of rim is mountain bikes 26 inch to your bike. Switching from to for example, needs another 4mm of brake reach.

Tyres of the same size may come bikw lots of different markings: Even worse, the same or very similar tirds can sometimes be found on completely different sizes of tyre: As far as possible, then, use these columns to convert to ISO dimensions and then have nothing more to do with 21 inch bike tires old markings!


The first two headings need no explanation. Note that American and Japanese branded crazy mountain bike video tyres tend to be smaller than described and often lack any ISO markings. The table below lists most of the sizes of tyre that are likely to be found in the UK. Where you see a block of two or more compatible sizes, having the same bead diameter, 21 inch bike tires can assume that intermediate sizes exist that will also fit the same rim.

For example: Two tyres with the same ISO markings are completely interchangeable, even 21 inch bike tires one seems to be tkres and the other is also marked in inches: Look for the ISO numbers and you always know exactly where you are.

Some rims are also now marked according to ISO with their bead diameter and internal section width where the tyre fits:

News:" tire works great on a cm (21mm) internal rim. . The main problem is that mountain bike tires are designed to fit on narrow rims because.

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