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Jul 27, - The unique selling point is that instead of selecting the gear with a shifter, or even by back-pedalling as with the S2C, the hub changes gear.

Why Use an Internal Gear Hub?

I've serviced one SA hub that was about 30 years old came from early '90s I reckon - haven't spotted any wear inside.

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best bike for 7 year old boy Mine a bit newer rides without maintenance for about km already no idea how much it ran with the previous owners and I can hear it needs cable readjustment. RJ The Bike Guy has two videos on servicing those - there isn't any rocket science, only gub basic bike mechanic skills and tools: If you find IGH that fits your rear fork, it is usually quite reliable, but somewhat pricey setup, since the cheapest IGH start around Euros.

2 speed bike hub are instruction how you can measure your rear fork. Another thing you would need to ensure is that your chain will be straight and not bent left or right a. Home Questions 2 speed bike hub Users Unanswered. Single speed to multi-speed conversion with internal gear hub Ask Question. I currently have a single speed 52m Crew District.

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Any info would be pauls bike shop appreciated. Argenti Apparatus Mario Mario 21 1 2. You probably could use an internally geared hub, but by the time bkie got the bike converted you'd be better off just buying a new uhb. Internal hubs aren't 2 speed bike hub gimmick, but there are some fairly bad ones out there, and most maybe all, not sure of the nice modern ones aren't going to fit your mm spaced frame.

Buying options.

The complete bike hubs buying guide

Related Products. Product Reviews 4. Download File. Related products. Overall Product Rating 4. Sturmey Archer Duomatic 2 Speed Review. By Anonymous. Cons none.

Jun 7, - The two most common electric motor styles used in today's electric of unique advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right motor for you will . A mid-drive motor in low gear can climb steeper hills than a hub motor.

Pros simplicity, reliability. This is an effective and simple and inexpensive 2 speed bike hub gear for urban cycling and for a winter training bike. I use this hub gear on a road bike that was converted to use as a fixed wheel bike with track dropouts. So far it has logged some miles during two Manchester winters without a hitch. The key is not to overgear the 2 speed bike hub. This setup gives me about 60 inches in overdrive and 43 inches in direct drive.

That will get up most hills even with a load and I bmx dirtbike spin along at 15 to 20 mph in overdrive. Shifting is more accurate when sitting in an upright position north road bars or porteur bars and, as the gear wears in, the speed of the shift becomes more accurate.

It does take a little 64cm bike frame used to, but no more than the first 2 speed bike hub miles or so. This causes the planet gears to rotate which in turn causes the ring gear to rotate. The rider selects a speed using a shifter. The shifter pulls on a cable which is connected to the cable lever.

This causes the cable lever to rotate. The cable lever pushes on a pin that goes through the axle. Also there are very specific requirements about positioning of the nut on the cable.

hub 2 speed bike

So for any reason you need to recable the 2 speed bike hub be sure you follow the instructions precisely that come with the hub or shifter. An important thing: At least on the Shimano Alfine so it might biike be true for the Nexusthe barrel adjuster knurl contains a spring: You must first pull the adjuster outward, before 2 speed bike hub it one way or the other by a quarter turn.

Over 12 months the rear hub got slower and slower to change gears. Recently it stopped going above gear 4. After servicing by a bike mechanic 2 speed bike hub know, a bit late the nexus now changes very smoothly, except for 6 and 7, which are more like 3 or 4. Cruiser bike brands am currently rebuilding a 10yr old Specialised Globe Comp with new wheels and 2 speed bike hub Alfine 8 rear hub original one was Nexus 8 … encountered something I am uncertain about and has put the brakes on the whole rebuild until I can get a convincing answer.

The cassette is not a tight fit despite attaching it correctly. I am get hold of the cable arm and wiggle the whole cassette apeed which I think is wrong. By comparison the cassette on my old Nexus hub locks down nice and tight with its fixing ring.

bike 2 hub speed

The parts appear to be all correct 2 speed bike hub the kit was supplied by the wheel builders. Essentially the fixing ring is not a reassuring tightness when it is put in position and rotated. Logic suggests not.

speed hub 2 bike

I have no idea…. I have no experience of Alfine, only Roundtail bikes so cannot directly answer your questions. You also wouldn't want any friction between the metal parts by being too tight. Wiggling side-to-side does not effect the selection mechanism much—my plastic lock ring once became completely detached for a year including a ride to the South of France and back without any noticeable detrimental effects!

Thanks for info… 2 speed bike hub actually sent a video of the issue road bike frame weight Madisons Shimano UK and they told me that what they saw was ok so I had the confidence to complete the rebuild included all new brake levers and cabling too. Does the Alfine feel noticeably less lossy compared to the 2 speed bike hub My gear is switched to 3.

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You have to squeeze it in while riding or you may be stuck in between gears, hb you from pedalling. Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my web site thus i got here to return the favor?. 2 speed bike hub am trying 2 speed bike hub to find issues to improve my site! I assume its ok to make use of some of your ideas!!

Have a question. Should I just bike store columbus ohio it alone the way it is? You can download the specific instruction sheet for yours from the Sh!


If you can select all of the gears e. Mark, thanks a lot for sped 2 speed bike hub helpful reply. Thanks again. Sue enough, it had been misadjusted from the factory and was missing one gear. Now it definitely has seven gears. Thanks, Mark. I have a Trek with a earlier Shimano 7 speed I bought about 15 years ago although not rode hard as bought after I retied to use local, huh tips have use full to help maintain mini bike riders bike.

Very useful article. I made the 2 speed bike hub adjustment to bring the yellow marks into alignment when shifter indicates 4th gear. 2 speed bike hub ideas what might be wrong?

In case nub else has a similar problem of not being able to shift into 7th or 8th gear on an 8-speed Nexus hub… I solved this thanks partly to info here. On the bottom of p.

hub bike 2 speed

After finding this diagram the fix took all of 2 speed bike hub seconds, then re-adjusting the proper alignment of yellow marks took another 30 seconds. Now the bike is back to shifting perfectly through bike rental rates 8 gears.

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I am searching the net to find a recommended front chain ring size, what did u have? Thanks Ben.

bike hub speed 2

Depends on your terrain really. Thaks Dave Just what speec needed to know, and thanks for prompt reply I can get a 44t chainring, so that should be perfect Ben.

speed hub 2 bike

Hi Dave, just tried this last xpeed and it looked ok also had the issue of overtightening the left-hand-side nuts when reassembling, resulting in high friction, but found that out myself…. Have I reassembled spring 2 speed bike hub weight incorrectly? I knew I should have checked more thoroughly how the thing looked in assembled form. Will try again tonight. Cheers C.

bike 2 hub speed

Obviously I am quite dense but I too think I have the spring loaded back in wrong. Can someone describe in some detail zpeed the spring is supposed to go back in.

bike hub speed 2

Does it 2 speed bike hub through the slot in thin metal plate 2 speed bike hub remain nub it? I have a question and an observation. In other words, when I bike inner tube types the locknuts, the whole axle moves with it, which results in the hub overtightening.

I cant figure out why biie is happening. Next, my observation. People experiencing a lot of noise with their hubs should check to make sure the ball bearing clip is in its proper recess. Upon taking my hub apart, I noticed that my non-drive side ball bearing clip had worked itself out of position which is what presumably was causing all the noise.

Re adjusted my sram automatix two speed like you saidand it changed my gearing, the spring unwinding works LOL…. I just had mine apart again to set the shift-point a bit 2 speed bike hub, so while I hun it pump bikes in memory I made this sketch in Paint bear with me.

Follow the link, and you should be able to mount the spring back spees. I can ride this path almost all of the four miles to my job downtown.

hub bike 2 speed

So I bought an inexpensive large-framed single-speed bike with c wheels and found my commute to-and-from the office to be quite easy. The problem was about halfway down that half-mile block, I was running out of steam and wishing for a higher gear.

My bike frame has no lugs for routing cables, so 2 speed bike hub SRAM 2-speed Automatix hub seemed like a gt hardtail bikes solution. When I read the web reviews everything sounded 2 speed bike hub, except the many complaints about the early shifting at too low of a speed. Even so, I liked the idea of this hub and wanted to take a 2 speed bike hub, even if I wound up having to do some tuning of the spring tension.

So I bought the hub off the web and took it to my local bike shop to have the rear wheel rebuilt.

Freewheel vs Cassette - What Are They? Can I Convert?

They had to order new spokes and the turnaround with labor took about a week and cost as much as the hub. The shop guy said it tested well for him, so I took it out for a few mini superbikes for sale rides. In fact, I have 2 speed bike hub crank my pedals pretty hard to activate the shift.

By that time, this 57 year-old is getting a little winded. I wish it shifted about one or two MPH hbu, but not enough to risk screwing up a perfectly nice working hub with 2 speed bike hub mediocre mechanical 2 speed bike hub. I think this hub probably shifts way too early on a small-wheeled folding bike, but for a full-sized bike with c wheels, it seems to be tuned just about right.

I just got a bike with the SRAM Automatix two speed hub, and i was wondering about the durability of the hub? I use my bike for everyday transportation, so i need to rely on it not breaking down. I ride about km every 2 speed bike hub. Nice strip down report here too http: I build a wheel with x25c tire yesterday and rode it 30 km today. It seems right here in the flat and windy Copenhagen.

The hjb tread is 10x1mm, I got 2 speed bike hub nuts 10,5x… 2 speed bike hub speeed the review and modification tip. I build my own frames from welded steel mainly stainless so I can build the frame to accommodate any transmission set-up I desire.

Adjust the springs inside them to make the shift points just right for my style one closest to the wheel shifts first at about ish RPM pedal cadence and then the second one shifts next 2 speed bike hub about ish RPM pedal cadence after I spool back up after the biike shift. Just wondering if anyone has already done anything close to this. So I do like to have rated torque hubb. Any information on that would be appreciated as well.

Gearing up a 2 speed bike hub on the first stage from the crank to the mid-transmission mounted hub s like a 52t on the crank back to the smallest tooth count I can get to fit the hub in question and then gearing back down after the mid-transmission to the wheel big sprocket on the wheel I can get to fit or even have custom made to fit and the smallest output sprocket I can on the sperd seems to have solved that problem in most cases spfed if I have xpeed specs.

I can run the math and bikw how far I have to wpeed that to keep the torque within the hubs limits, some bi,e take a lot more then others.

How to fix bike brakes terms of robustness, I had much better luck with the Automatix than other hub gears, but mine has now 2 speed bike hub keep meaning to update this article, actually. We have the Momentum Electric Bike http: We can now adjust this up for customers at http: You need to get the kind with the bike burly that are squared in the drop ends of the frame….

Modern bike racks, just for the fun of it, I tried with a spring from a regular pen. Keiser cycle bike here: Dunno if I should go for that — but I have absolutely no idea how to get at hold of another one. If you could update the article when you got time for it, I would greatly appreciate it. Hello there… is there a fixed gear version of this hub? Thanks so much for posting this!

I managed to tune my Automatix just hhb you instructed.

speed bike hub 2

I had to bend the spring back close to 90 degrees though, instead speev 45 to get it to shift at about 16mph. Just laced an Automatix on a rim with a 35 tire. It shifts at Wich is just fine on my Diadora Elettrico pedelec. The bike came with a 7 speed wheel and was a bit awkward to operate. Using 16tt is just perfect with the wheel size. When I speeed 20 Jamus bikes, the front engine wheel become a free wheel and Im on my own.

2 speed bike hub the hub. Those anti-rotation 2 speed bike hub are also called non-turn washers, and I cannot imagine how could they really work without the claws which square into gub dropouts.

This will be important for me soon, because I gonna put one of these into a titanium frame. The secure seating of the axle is very important for the internals of the hub. Also, one person drew my attention to ebay. Those hubs looks like to have aluminum shell. Once you keep in mind this, you can plan your spred. With the finding of the article here you sped adjust the shifting points in your hubs.

You have to model the system, am 2 speed bike hub understand correctly that you want to use 3 hubs together 2 automatix and 1 SA 3 speed?

How would the whole system react, would other hubs than you want trigger shifting? Hey, this site is a great help.

Csaba Toth, thanks for the info about false marketing spede 2 speed bike hub weight of the hub. I myself fat chance bike planing to assemble light bike based on automatix and unfortunately already bought the heavy one but I could return it If I would find the alluminium version.

Do you bikee enything 2 speed bike hub abot the weight of the one sold on ebay. Enyway even if its for disk brake, could it be instaled without one, as a freewheel? Do you know the spokes size? I will like burgundy bike install it on a Worksman, the spokes I have on the bike are 11G.

Hello Dave, forgot to subscribe so only just saw your answer. I nearly ordered it the day before when it was 70 quid! Thanks Garry. Thanks Dave for this super-helpful post dpeed thanks all esp. Csaba for the comments.

Internal gear ratios | Cycling UK

That could be a way to go around the whole spring adjustment process because put diffferent springs inside anyway. The small wheels turn faster at the same speed and so it could be perfect for a big wheel.

hub 2 speed bike

If anyone is interested in one of these leave a reply. IF anyone tried that out already — how is it working?

speed hub 2 bike

Best regards Mathias. Just followed your instructions and it worked great. Such a simple process for a world of difference! So it seems 2 speed bike hub have a different spring than yours. When climbing I often wish it would shift a little later though, and I avoid hilly terrain. Mostly Flow bikes stay well below Same crank length. The shift point is great for one thing: Sprinting off from a traffic light.

The drop to 46 cadence is 2 speed bike hub perfect for me when standing and cranking hard.

bike 2 hub speed

Thanks for the update Gunnstein. Yep, that would be very handy. Anyway, Huh like racing bike rims enough to consider it for a second bike, a snow-capable commuter. Crazy wish for SRAM: Expand it to a 3-speed! Basically to lose all rear cables. Can anybody recommend a front wheel hub to match the rear? Do 2 speed bike hub produce these?

speed bike hub 2

Thanks for the tips. I almost broke the circlip when getting it out. Had to bend it in shape again. So now I think it might brake when being used. Is it correct that it is a DIN circlip i. Does anybody know 2 speed bike hub diameter or could measure it? I would like to order a new one and replace mine. As for drum brake front hubs, 2 speed bike hub Archer is the way to go it best bike seats for men. Dave reviewed one: If you measure the diameter and width of the spline that is used for the circlip you should be able to buy the correct size.

I have a folding bike and want to make sure I would buy the correct smaller wheel version. Many thanks. Hi from France Thanks Dave for this very helpful review and thanks for all the contributors.

bike hub speed 2

The freewheel is a hyb noisy but pedaling and shifting are silent. Does 2 speed bike hub have a photo of a good condition sopacer which shows the 5 ithink clip parts?

I justw ant to compare it to mine. If i get the play out of the hub, it does not spin very well at all.

speed bike hub 2

News:Our 14 speed, performance bicycle I.G.H. impresses all with its high level of quality Choose a Rohloff SPEEDHUB equipped bike for your next tour and use it to power your passion. Speedhub /14, SLT 99, Oil of Rohloff, Revolver 2, Caliber ,+KM mileages on their hubs and these units are still going strong.

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